Gonzalo Hermida: “I cried a lot when Malú sang the song I composed”

Gonzalo Hermida: “I cried a lot when Malú sang the song I composed”

Gonzalo Hermida:

An accident wanted Gonzalo Hermida (Cádiz, 1995) to leave the cycling world and bet on music. It was as a teenager, when I was competing. One day he decided not to go to a race and fate would have him pass away who was his roommate and best friend on the team. “I remember that two months later I got back on the bike to train and I didn't have what it took to get to the first roundabout. My hair got like spikes and I said: Dad, let's go home. Let's hang up the bike and I'm going to pick up the guitar. “

By then the man from Cádiz was already fiddling with music always in a self-taught way. He was writing his songs and bowling around his town, Puerto Real, and surroundings. Until in 2015 when he was 19 years old, he decided to move to Madrid with the proposal of working side by side with prestigious authors and producers such as Riki Rivera and David Santiesteban. “When I arrived in Madrid, I did it with the risk, the loaded suitcase and 3,000 bucks on the bill. I said: 'I want to dedicate myself to this, I know it will cost me a lot but I'm going for it, '” he recalls.

At that time he began to combine his own career with writing for other artists. “As I worked with David and Riki, many visited his house . Maybe we would create a song for me and suddenly a great artist would come and say 'I want that song.' Riki would put it on him, he liked it, and I have no problem. “, account.

“Many times people say to me, 'Isn't it sad for you to have given that song that you could have sung it? And I say' that's it, if I sing it. I go to my concerts, I sing it and people know it . ' How lucky I am that suddenly I can sing a song that I have composed in one room and another has made it famous.

Gonzalo Hermida has composed songs for artists such as Malú ( Cenizas ), Antonio José, ( The art of living , Eclipse , The good side of things … ) or India Martínez ( The last time and Gray ). A fact that, he points out, makes him a tremendous illusion. “I cried a lot when Malú sang Ashes . That song was born at home and then we worked with David Santisteban and Riki. When I heard the production and Malú singing so powerfully, I got tired of crying . I remember holding onto the headboard and saying 'let's go Come on '. A crazy emotion , “he recalls.

While he assures that his house “is open to everyone” , he confesses his main concern: “My greatest fear is repeating myself . There has been a time that unconsciously I have been given the same chords as in another song and I have played the same melody as I had already done it, “he says. ” At that moment I say, I'm sorry, I'll make you 300 and you can take whatever you want. It's normal when you write so much music.”

Although not his entire career has been so idyllic. For a time, the man from Cádiz signed with a record company and things did not end well. ” I came to Madrid without walls and little by little I have been building one . There is a lot of arrow, a war, and it shouldn't be like that. But not between colleagues, the problem has always come from the industry,” he says. “They offer you a move and you accept that and more because you come again. Now you look at the move, you review the move, you reject the move , they offer you another, you accept it and so on. You come with another intention and your little personal wall,” he says. . “Now I am independent, happier than ever , doing what I want and stronger with my career as a singer, although I never close the facet of composer or producer.”

Gonzalo says that his greatest idol is Tommy Torres, producer for Alejandro Sanz or Ricky Martin, composer for many other artists, and singer. “I always say that I like to cultivate the three plots . Maybe one doesn't explode me. But if my idol has been able to do it, maybe I can too.”

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