Gogol Bordello released a track about the terrorist defense of Ukraine (video)

The American international punk rock band Gogol Bordello, which actively supports Ukraine in the fight against Russian military aggression, released the track Teroborona. Composition based on traditional Hutsul dance “Arkan” dedicated to the units of civil terror defense of free and independent Ukraine. This is stated in the YouTube video description.

Gogol Bordello released a track about the terrorist defense of Ukraine (video)

Gogol Bordello

“Many of my artist and musician friends had to take up arms and join the terrorist defense. This is a dedication to their courage and the courage of all defenders”, – explains the band's founder Yevhen Hudz.

The composition Teroborona was recorded in Ukrainian together with The Cossacks. The track will be included in the Artdopomoha compilation, a collection of songs by contemporary Ukrainian musicians about Russia's military attack on Ukraine.

All proceeds from listening to the Teroborona track will be donated to help Ukraine.

Gogol Bordello was founded by Ukrainian Yevhen Hudz in 1999. The members of the band are musicians of Eastern European origin.

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