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Godzilla: Netflix has just scored this huge blow to destroy the competition

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun1,2024

As the platform war continues to rage, the Netflix platform has just scored a huge blow that will delight fans of < em>Godzilla and will despair much of the competition.

Godzilla: Netflix is ​​coming to score this immense blow to destroy the competition

Netflix tames Godzilla

Faced with the ever-increasing number of streaming platforms in the current television landscape,the major American networks must redouble their inventiveness. and sign increasingly daring dealsto beat his opponents. Market leader, Netflix has just made an announcement on its social networks, which could well convince many of its users to keep their subscription. the platform with the red N.

Indeed, on its X page, Netflix announced; major news:Godzilla: Minus One by Takashi Yamazaki arrives in its catalog this Saturday, June 1, 2024 at from 9 a.m. (French time). Excellent news to say the least for fans of the film, as well as for the unlucky ones who missed out on it. his exit, and who will in fact be able to catch up with him. Note, however, thatThe news does not concern Netflix France, which cannot broadcast the film due to media chronology. However, it is obviously possible for you to use a VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions of the platform, and take advantage of the American catalog. As a reminder, this act is entirely up to you. legal.



June 1, 2024

As a reminder,Godzilla: Minus One was released in 2020. a huge success all over the world. This firstGodzillaJapanese film since the excellentShin Godzilla (which is one of our 15 favorite Japanese films), sounded like a true return to basics, and received rave reviews, àgrav; both for its screenplay which intelligently dealt with themes that were, to say the least, contentious on Japanese soil (the difficult questions of suicide bombers and hibakushas), and for the beauty of the story. of its visual effects, despite a budget well belowçà American productions, and which allowed him to win the Oscar at the last ceremony

Godzilla: Netflix has just scored this huge blow to destroy the competition

This announcement from Netflix is ​​obviously not trivial, and consolidates the position of the platform as absolute leader in the international distribution of Japanese pop-cultural productions. In addition to becoming Crunchyroll’s biggest rival for Japanese animated series, the company has managed to expand its popularity in Japanese animated series. sign juicy deals with major Japanese studios, starting with Studio Ghibli, from which she acquired exclusivity. VOD distribution rights. A deal which allowed him to announce a few months ago the upcoming release of Hayao Miyazaki's latest masterpiece,The Boy and the Heron< /strong> (news which this time concerns Netflix France).

Natasha Kumar

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