‘Goals Against’: Sachi Escobar attacks the Netflix series and thinks about taking legal action

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For the coach from Antioquia, the audiovisual production company only intends to sell and market the image of Andrés and the players of the 1994 Colombia team

‘Goals Against’: Sachi Escobar lashes out at the Netflix series and plans to take legal action

Santiago Escobar considers taking legal action against Netflix after the Launch of the Goles Contra series

Colombian coach Santiago Sachi Escobar described the production of the series as disgusting and perverseGoals Against, based on the life of the central defender of Atlético Nacional and the Colombian national team Andrés Escobar, after he was assassinated in Colombia in 1994 after recording an own goal against the United States in the FIFA World Cup played on North American soil.

Two days after the launch of the audiovisual production that portrays the immersion of drug trafficking in Colombian professional soccer during the 1990s, the family of the player from Antioquia asked for respect for the memory of Andrés, in given that the production did not take into account the footballer's loved ones for its development and they only want to market the image of the player and coaching staff of the Colombian national team at that time.

These were the words of Sachi, brother of Andrés Escobar, in an audio that was broadcast on social networks that –according to him– is not part of a statement to public opinion, but of a message sent to the friends of the athlete murdered in 1994 in Colombia:

On behalf of the family, I want to express that I am extremely outraged, just like my entire family, because the people of Netflix did not have the delicacy to count on us or even ask us or tell us that they were going to make a series about Andrés. I am speaking with a lawyer and on behalf of the family we want to sue the people of Netflix

This is a lack of respect that both Andrés and all of them who were so great have involved in such a disgusting and perverse series, where the only thing they want is to sell and market the image of Andrés and all the players of the national team, including the coaching staff

After the publication of the first chapter, Netflix Colombia made clear the following message for the broadcast of each of the six episodes of the series:

This is a work of fiction inspired by real events publicly known. Characters, events, and certain locations, including those based on reality, are created for dramatization purposes. The production is not intended to be an accurate portrait of reality or to be used for legal purposes. Any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence

The death of the so-called Caballero del Fútbol is one of the darkest and most unfortunate chapters in the history of Colombian soccer and this situation will be reflected in the fictional production. The athlete from Antioquia was shot to death in the parking lot of a Medellín nightclub on July 2, 1994. The records of that event show that after each shot, his perpetrators shouted the word great goal at him., in reference to the own goal that the 1989 Copa Libertadores champion center back scored ten days before his death.

The audiovisual production also highlights the death of the Colombian referee Armando Pérez in 1989 and the massacre of 19 people on a court, events that tarnished the reputation of national sport before the end of the 20th century.

On the other hand, Felipe Angel Escobar, Andrés's nephew, assured that Netflix never took into account the player's family to make the series. In dialogue with the program El VBar of the station Caracol Radio on Tuesday, November 1, Ángel was not so expectant for the official launch, although he did not rule out seeing it either.

According to Felipe, in his family they were very excited to see a series, film or documentary that honored the memory of Andrés, but the American platform never took them into account . This is how he referred to the particular situation in the interview with the radio network:

One ​​does not expect it to happen to one. We are ordinary people, but we know that behind there is a person who always accompanies us in our family history. It has been painful, because we always imagined that Andrés deserved a novel or something important about his life, his principles, his values ​​and what he left to society. We wanted this to happen one day. But not in the way that is going to happen because family was never taken into account.