“Go to church, repent”: Freimut and Kukhar had a skirmish at “Dances with stars”

“Go to church, repent”: Freimut and Kukhar had a skirmish at “Dances with stars”

Freimut did not tolerate constant criticism from Kuhar

Anna Ponomarenko

Show business section editor

Yesterday, September 13, the next broadcast of the new season of the show “Dance with Stars-2020” took place. TV presenter Olga Freimut first took to the floor after the previous two she spent at home, suffering from coronavirus.

Olga's dance was not appreciated by the strictest judge of the show – prima ballerina Ekaterina Kukhar.

“During your performance on the floor, it seemed to me that samba is like a life sentence for your body. And your legs refuse to listen to the commands of your brain. You managed to seduce Vladimir (Olga's dance partner – ed.), But samba was not”, – noted Kuhar.

Ekaterina Kukhar and Olga Freimut

Olga was not taken aback and responded to Catherine's criticism, which is often heard by almost all participants in the show.

“Katya, just come on, no offense, okay? I held out for a very long time, two broadcasts. The first – everything was fine, the second – I seemed to you there a drunkard, an alcoholic. I will speak on behalf of all your victims. Because you have been sitting here for many years as a queen. , you take off and feed your pride against the background of our shortcomings. Instead of you sitting here on Sunday and judging us all, you would go to church and repent, “said Freimut.

Catherine was not embarrassed by Olga's words, and she continued the skirmish.

“Olya, dear, I, of course, agree. But I will only go there with you! And then we will go to my godmother, the psychotherapist, Natalya Kholodenko. She will take us out of turn,” Kuhar retorted.

After that, the prima ballerina presented Freimut with a small ax. Note that Catherine has developed a certain tradition: in order to emphasize her sympathy or antipathy for the dances of certain participants, she gives them a flower or some object.

Earlier we wrote who left the third broadcast of the show “Dance with Stars-2020”.

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