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Ey Gn Gloria Trevi: "My life has been full of quarantines" - The Times Hub

Gloria Trevi: “My life has been full of quarantines”

Gloria Trevi: "My life has been full of quarantines"

Program 4: Gloria Trevi and Rosie Mercado 44: 18

(CNN Spanish) – Mexican singer Gloria Trevi sat down with Don Francisco to review the lessons that the pandemic process has left her to fall in love with her husband Armando despite the "armor" that made it so difficult for him to love a person again.

The interview coincides with the launch 30 years ago of his production "Tu Ángel de la Guarda", which among others included the song "Loose Hair", which led her to rise to fame. In his career years he has more than five hundred compositions, thirteen musical productions and eight world tours.

Don Francisco: You have reinvented yourself many times. How has it reinvented you in the pandemic? Because it's not easy. Everything changes. I know that you love your husband a lot, Armando. You have been married to him since 2009, but here you have to spend the whole day together for many months.

Gloria Trevi: Well, the truth is that neither, nor so close all the time. I think that we would not agree with the remote control of the television, but the truth is that during this pandemic I have tried to be very active in my social networks, talking with all the people, with the fans, with the non-fans and learning a little to new networks also like the Tik Tok that I am still just learning and catching the wave, but then having fun, exercising, also crying for some losses. Especially physical, loved ones, but looking for a way to put the shoulder when possible. A lot has happened during this pandemic: new pets have come into the family, that is almost almost as new members; exercising, inviting people to exercise, then not exercising, gaining 7 kilos and then losing 4 and so on.

Your husband had covid

Don Francisco: Were you ever afraid of this disease that really a very complicated disease for many persons?

Gloria Trevi: Well, so far I am afraid, until now I am afraid because we have lost several loved ones, so many people who worked with us, who were almost friends as friends, who were almost brothers and it happened to me that my husband was sick …


Don Francisco: Did you also have covid?

Gloria Trevi: Yes, and also well, that, I was very afraid of this one and well to date. Not being able to hug my parents, my mom, my dad I miss them a lot. I miss the people, the fans so much. Of course, suddenly you say one day they are going to see concerts like they used to and well, that's also to me, understand me, that my job was my dream when I was little, that is, and I love what I do. Then suddenly I say: what if there are never going to be those kinds of concerts? But you know what? You have to raise your face and move forward, and then I have applied myself to evolve within what we are living and right now I will be streaming on the 27th.

«Trevi in da house»

Don Francisco: How is it called streaming?

Gloria Trevi: It's called "Trevi in da House", which is going to be all over the world. People are already buying tickets from Argentina. Those experiences are also interesting because from Argentina, Spain, the United States, Mexico, in one way or another, we are all going to unite through music and tickets are already on sale on e-ticket.

Don Francisco: Where are you? are you at this moment, let's say, when are you going to do this show, are you at home, on a stage? How it will be?

Gloria Trevi: Oops! I'm preparing very nice things, I was even practicing and in rehearsals just look at how I left my finger. It has been very dangerous because it is a new experience for me. So I am very showwoman, I like things that are very spectacular, but at the same time it is super strong to know that I am going to present myself and that the public will not be physically there, but they will be watching from their electronic devices, computers, televisions, cell phones. So I'm getting ready to invent something new where I'm almost a virgin too, hahaha.

Don Francisco: You have been very successful about this streaming, because PollStar magazine, on the tour they did, which several have done, «the goddess of the night» puts you in the tenth place in the world of the highest grossing people and it says you're among the 50 highest grossing artists in the world. Therefore, I am sure that you will do well in streaming, but you have not stopped creating because I think you created a song that maybe you can explain to me a little how you did it in the middle of the pandemic called «Fragiles ».

Gloria Trevi: Well, here I have to give him the honor to whom he deserves. I wrote this song and Erika Ender wrote it. I know you know her. She composed a long time ago together with América Jiménez, they composed for me a song called «Cinco Minutes» and well, she also composed the song together with Fonsi and I don't know who else the song of «Despacito» and well, she composed «Too Much fragiles "and suddenly he wrote to me and said: Gloria, I imagined you singing this song and I when I heard the song" Too fragile "my skin turned sweet, just like right now, and the truth is that I sang it crying , I sang it in my house where I made a little hole and where I said: I'm going to see how I can put it, so it doesn't look like I'm just doing it in my house, but I put a cyclorama first black, then I put it green Then I painted myself green to be able to convey certain messages that I wanted in the video for "Too Fragile" and it is a beautiful, precious song.

"Life and God have been very good to me"

Don Francisco: Look, At fourteen you introduced yourself as a double of the character Chispita, who It was very popular in Mexico, which was starring Lucero and you won and they even gave you a scholarship at Televisa. Tell me, from that 14-year-old girl to today, where is the great change in Gloria Trevi? How are you today? How would you define yourself today at this stage of your life?

Gloria Trevi: Notice that it excites me when you tell me that, because I almost want to cry, because there have even been fans who put memes like that and everything, and they put a meme one day that is who they called me when I was little, saying: Hey, and did we achieve our dreams? and they put me in a photo of me now. And I would answer the girl I was, I would say: "Yes, yes, we did it." Mainly that. I think it was a girl who had a very big dream of winning the hearts of many people and I will still grow, as the song says when I grow up. I mean, I'm still going to go further and I'm going to go higher, but I can't deny that life and that God have been very good to me, because I have made many of my dreams come true.

Don Francisco: At the age of 15 you already integrated the Boquitas Pintadas group, which was quite famous, that is, your artistic life is very, very successful and very prolific. When I announce that you wrote five hundred songs, how does inspiration come to you? At any moment do you stop and write or do you think and write? How is your inspiration born?

Gloria Trevi: It's that my mood depends a lot. For example, a song that I always love to sing because it makes me super up, is "Doctor psychiatrist", that makes me super crazy.

Don Francisco: And this loose hair thing, is it born with the loose hair song?

Gloria Trevi: The song on "Loose Hair" is by a composer named Mary Morín. That is not mine, that was not composed by me, she composed it, but she composed it for me, because she was always very disheveled, and on one of the occasions, I had a discrepancy with my grandmother, may she rest in peace. I already went to heaven a little while ago. I had a very close relationship with my grandmother, but with my grandmother sometimes we kind of disagree a little, and in the end we get along well. But I had a discrepancy that she said some things in a newspaper and they were made public and well, there was a scandal and then Mary Morín made the song "Loose Hair" where she even says even though my grandmother had just had a heart attack and that's where she left the song, but it was very made for me.

She met her husband at "the Harvard of Chihuahua"

Don Francisco: How has this decade been, a little more than a decade of marriage with Armando? How was that experience, that stability of the marriage?

Gloria Trevi Well, it has been everything: stable, unstable, we have had truly magical moments. I believe that our love story is a beautiful story, how we fell in love …

Don Francisco: How did you meet, for example?

Gloria Trevi: Well, we met when I was going through one of the most difficult moments of my life and when I believed that I would never believe in love again.

Don Francisco: Where? On what occasion? How?

Gloria Trevi: Well, I was studying, you know, there at Harvard in Chihuahua. And then one day he looked for me, he pretended to be my cousin to be able to visit me one day and that's when I met him and at that moment I wanted to meet someone too. He wanted to know me because he wanted to sing…

Don Francisco: Did you want to sing?

Gloria Trevi: He wanted to sing and I was in exactly that way at the moment, like that at the moment when I had made the decision to meet someone and not fall in love again, but to hang out with someone. In other words, because I had spent many years of my life, yes, but many years of my life where I had only been knowing what was the lack of love of a person who hurt me a lot and that you already know who I am. So when I met him I thought that I was not going to fall in love with him, but I wanted to have an illusion and, cut to, wedding in the cathedral of Monterrey, the other dressed in white, a very long tail and all very cool. Before that we already had our son, Miguel Armando before that also before we had Armando's friends, Ángel chose him as his father this and well, we already went back to the moment when we got married and from there well, they passed A lot of things. There was a time when they kidnapped him.

Don Francisco: Don't tell me.

Gloria Trevi: Well, obviously that was very strong for him on an emotional level.

The kidnapping of her husband: «He cried, cried, cried a lot»

Don Francisco: How long was he kidnapped?

Gloria Trevi: He was kidnapped for four days

Don Francisco: And what did you think in those four days? What was going through your mind? Well, I know they got married on September 17, 2009, that would have happened shortly after. What did you feel?

Gloria Trevi So I was very afraid. At that time I was in Monterrey, I had two concerts at the Arena Monterrey and I did not want the media to find out that my husband was kidnapped because I was afraid that the kidnappers would get scared and that they would end up hurting him. So I had to do the concerts pretending that nothing was happening. Nothing more than cried in all the songs, in all the ballads, cried, cried, cried, cried profusely. And then when I went in to change, sometimes they told me: the kidnappers are talking to you. And then it took me a little longer to get out changed because I had to answer people's calls and well, thank God he returned safe and sound

Don Francisco: You said that you had had magical moments with him and also difficult moments. This has been one of the difficult ones. What has been one of the magical moments?

Gloria Trevi: Well, from both knowing each other and when I fell in love with him, I didn't plan it, I didn't plan it. What's more, I was quite reluctant.

"I'll flirt with the first handsome guy that I see this one"

Don Francisco: How do you know that you're in love or in love?

Gloria Trevi: Oh no, Don Francisco… it is also that remember that with this quarantine, as one becomes more sensitive than normal. So it kind of gives me a lot of feeling, but I think one of the things that made me fall in love with him is that I had tremendous armor on. In other words, I did not want them to do the damage they have done to me again. So I didn't want to want or disarm myself in front of anyone.

Don Francisco: Then let me ask you a question. There are many people who may be wearing that armor and are watching this program, how to get out of that armor? How to recommend to women and men in love who, due to some disappointment, want to get out of that shell?

Gloria Trevi: First of all, we have to give ourselves the opportunity, really. And I gave it to myself when I said: to the first guy like this three handsome stones, that I see this one I'm going to flirt. I had never flirted, uh, never in my life had I flirted. And then when I meet Armando I arrive just at the moment in which he had said I am going to flirt and I gave myself the opportunity. I gave myself the opportunity and then he took that opportunity. So, when a few months passed that we already had, as well as being dating, when I was in the middle of all that and myself, they said the worst things in the world. He impressed me with something very strong. But you know what? I'd better tell you about it in my bioseries, because it's going to be the story of my life.

«My life is a kind of tragicomedy»

Don Francisco: When does that come out?

Gloria Trevi I think we are already working on that, which is also part of what I was doing during the quarantine. I've been crying and crying and crying and laughing a lot also because my life is a kind of tragicomedy.

Don Francisco: On 2/19 you made a song with Mónica Naranjo that I think later they couldn't do the tour. But the song is dedicated to women, right?

Gloria Trevi Well, not just women. I believe that anyone who has suffered bullying. That is why it is a song that if you see the video, for example a man comes out washing the dishes, and then he becomes a chef.

Don Francisco: Well, I imagine that you will finally be able to do this tour … How do you think What is going to get out of this pandemic? What will we have learned from the whole world from this pandemic?

Gloria Trevi: Hi, I hope to God that we do learn something. I believe that people sometimes, that is to say suddenly, people already say oh no, since this is over to go out to the party, to get together, to travel, to do concerts, nothing more than [00:22: 19] hopefully we do learn something from everything that happened, [6.0s] that is, simply the world as we were not making it so dirty the world began to flourish. I learned, son, is that [00:22:42] my life has been so full of quarantines. [1.6s] But, but I think that if I am taking into account the lesson of washing my hands like this, like this, of having something small if you want. You know if you grab the door, if you grab the key, wash your hands before shaking hands with someone else. I mean, this one before touching your eyes, your nose, your mouth. It's about taking care of others and taking care of yourself.

Don Francisco: I imagine that you have been with your children Miguel Armando and Ángel Gabriel in this pandemic more than ever. What has that reunion of time, good time with your children meant?

Gloria Trevi: Yes and no, because for example my son, the youngest, right now is in a military school and then right now I'm not going to see him until May.

Don Francisco: How old is he?

Gloria Trevi: He is 15 years old and pretend that every time I see him I see him taller

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