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Gladiator 2 Trailer: The First Trailer for Ridley Scott's Film Has Just Been Released

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

After months of waiting, Paramount has just released the first trailer for Gladiator 2. Ridley Scott's film with Paul Mescal promises to be as epic as Maximus' epic published 24 years ago.

Gladiator 2 trailer: the first trailer for Ridley Scott's film has just been released

Paul Mescal faces Pedro Pascal for a duel at the top

< p>Last week, we were finally able to take a first look atGladiator 2, one of the most anticipated films of the year. The sequel to the Oscar-winning feature film by Ridley Scott revealed his first images, showing Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn or Pedro Pascal in their respective roles.

We were able to This opportunity to discover the premises of the duel in the heart of the Colosseum between the new hero Lucius incarnated by by the Irish actor (Aftersun, God's Creatures, Normal People) and the star of the series The Last of Us and The Mandalorian.

Gladiator 2 trailer: the first trailer for Ridley Scott's film has just been released

The first trailer for Gladiator 2 unveiled by Paramount

A week later, Paramount Pictures has just released unveil the very first trailer for the film expected in theaters on November 13. We'll let you enjoy the images below. On the other hand, the first official poster of the film has just been revealed, on which Lucius prepares to attack. his fight in the arena, using the same ritual as Maximus, years before.

Gladiator 2 trailer: the first trailer for Ridley Scott's film has just been released

As a reminder, Gladiator 2 follows Lucius Verus, the grandson of the ancient Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and son of Lucilla. Fruit of the union between Lucilla and Maximus, the young Lucius who has grown up intends to follow in his father's footsteps. While he lives with his wife and child in Numidia,his country is invaded by General Marcus Acacius, condemning him to slavery. He will then embrace his destiny as a gladiator, trying to resist the young emperors of Rome Caracalla and Geta.

On the casting side, Lucius will be played by Paul Mescal, who underwent intense physical training to get into the skin of his character. The “bloodthirsty general” Marcus Acacius will be played by Pedro Pascal. Connie Nielsen will reprise her role as Lucilla, Joseph, revealed in Strange Things will play the cruel Emperor Caracalla, Derek Jacobi will once again don the costume of Senator Gracchus, and Denzel Washington will play a former slave presented as a wealthy merchant full of resentment.

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