Given the echo of the news, one of those involved exploded: 'I don't know who gives me more pity'.

Given the echo of the news, one of those involved exploded: 'I don't know who gives me more pity'.

After several months of speculation, Wanda Nara confirmed in a private audio that went viral yesterday that she reached the country to start the divorce process from her footballer husband, Mauro Icardi. The news did not take her followers by surprise since rumors of separation have been heard since last year after the outbreak of the “Wanda Gate” that involved Icardi with China Suárez.

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“I came here to Argentina because I'm doing the divorce from Mauro (Icardi), I'm organizing that,” said Wanda Nara in a WhatsApp audio that he sent to an employee.

These words were the ones that were missing to confirm that the rumors that the couple faced were true, despite the fact that both dealt with denying them. However, although there is little doubt that the voice heard in the viralized material is that of the businesswoman, her -until now- husband used his Instagram account to 'deny' the separation.< br>
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'I don't know who pity me the most'

Faced by the echo of the news, one of those involved exploded: 'I don't know who I feel more sorry for'.

Not satisfied with this detail, which could well go unnoticed due to the small space given to this data in the social network, he was decisive in sharing an image with a forceful phrase that his followers linked directly to the businesswoman's statements. “I don't know who makes me feel more sorry, those who invent things about me or those who believe them,” reads this recent publication. In addition, Icardi swept Wanda Nara along with the strong words, with which he would flatly deny the divorce, which his same partner referred to.

For two weeks, Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi have faced crisis rumors after the businesswoman began a dream European vacation with her sister Zaira, and shared photos and videos in which they were seen happy between the beach and the parties. At the same time, the footballer from Paris made a move on Instagram that increased the theories: he deleted the profile photo in which he was with his wife and replaced it with an image of him as a child.

For some time now, social networks have become the tool chosen by Icardi to respond to everything that is said about him. In the last hours, the player spoke again through his virtual efforts, after on Wednesday night the WhatsApp audio of Wanda Nara towards Carmen, an employee of the family that demanded a certain payment for their services. With a calm tone, the businesswoman explains that she is in Argentina to legally deal with her separation.

“I'm organizing things a little more because I can't take it anymore. I asked for a divorce”, expresses Wanda bluntly, in the material shared by 'LAM' (America). After the spread of these words confirming that the rumors were true, Mauro Icardi insisted on denying that he is going through a separation. First, he posted a photo with the mother of his daughters on Instagram again.

The silence of Wanda Nara

Faced by the echo of the news, one of those involved exploded: 'I don't know who I feel more sorry for'.

Meanwhile, in the last few hours Wanda kept silent, something unusual in her since she is always in charge of responding immediately about the rumors that have her as the protagonist. His return to Argentina, in the first place, would have been organized for a labor issue, since he will be part of the cycle Who is the mask?, the international format that Telefe will soon broadcast, and he is already recording the program.

However, as it recently emerged, the main reason for his trip would be linked to his separation and an important meeting with his lawyer, Ana Rosenfeld, who would be in charge of starting the divorce court process.

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