Girona hired another company from Enríquez Negreira, the former vice president of the referees who received from Barcelona, ​​to do coaching

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Girona hired another company of Enríquez Negreira, the former vice-president of the referees who charged from Barcelona, ​​to do 'coaching'

 Girona FC hired a new team. in 2010 to carry out tasks of “mental coach” at Soccercam S.L., a company of which he is proxy Jos & eacute; María Enríquez Negreira, the former vice-president of the Comité Referee TechnicianHe said that he has been questioned by the Barcelona Prosecutor for the 1.4 million euros that the company paid him. The Blaugrana team for advisory functionsDuring the year and three months in which he was working for the Girona team, one of the companies of the former 'number two' of the a Spanish referees invoiced the The club will receive at least 55,000 euros plus VAT, travel expenses and bonuses. The tasks of coachinghe made them Javier Enríquez, son of the former number two of the referees listed as a Soccercam partner in the Mercantile Registry.

Enríquez Negreira, who was also a professional referee for 13 seasons He was in the First Division and one more in the Second Division between 1975 and 1992, he is the agent of several companies, including Dasnil 95 SL, which, according to what Cadena SER Catalunya has reported and EL PERIÓDICO has confirmed, would be being investigated by the Barcelona Prosecutor's Office for the payments made by Barça between 2016 and 2018. Former senior officials of the Blaugrana club, Negreira himself and his son have already testified for this.

Negreira maintained that in F.C. Barcelona had offered a consulting job which consisted of explaining to the players how they should behave during meetings with referees and what to do. they could do or not depending on who was refereeing the game.

Before the events now being investigated, in September 2010, another of the companies where the former vice-president of the Committee ; Referee Technician figures as proxy was hired by Girona FC as mental coach.

A year earning money from Girona

That work that was carried out by at FC Barcelona, ​​and that he would not have been able to prove in the interrogation of the Prosecutor's Office because, according to him, it was verbal advice, according to the published information, yes. which would have been reflected in a  contractual relationship with Girona FC between September 2010 and November 2011, as confirmed by EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA  through a ruling by the Provincial Court on the dispute between Negreira's company and the club after rescinding the contract signed ahead of time.

Girona hired another Enríquez Negreira company to do coaching , the former vice-president of the referees who received from Barcelona

Enríquez Negreira


During the first season, Soccercam S.L. he charged monthly 3,000 euros plus VAT, as well as such as travel expenses and different premiums, for these tasks of mental coach. That season Girona was left behind. in 11ª position in the Spanish Second Division. After the first contract signed until June 30, 2011, Negreira doubled his salary up to 6,000 euros plus VAT in a second stage at the club. & nbsp; his dismissal by letter.

The company of the former vice president of the arbitrators sued his dismissal. I joined the Girona club. At first, the Court of 1ª Instance number 2 of Girona estimated the number 2 of Girona. He fully accepted the lawsuit and condemned the case. Girona to pay compensation of 63,700 euros for the early termination of the contract, in an amount that corresponded to the remaining months of the contract. However, in a subsequent procedure before the Provincial Court of Girona, the judge estimated that that Girona only owed him what he left him. unpaid, 7,080 euros (VAT included) from the salary for the month of October and another 1,180 euros for the payment of the five days of November.

This newspaper has tried unsuccessfully to contact Soccercam, in which the son of the former number two of the referees, Javier Enríquez Romero, who is the sole partner since 2017, appears Who would have carried out these tasks as a mental coach in Girona. Graduated in Administration and Management of technological companies,   He played in the lower categories of Barça and Espanyol, to later join Sabadell, Sant Andreu, Hospitalet and even Valencia. he created He created his own audiovisual production company dedicated exclusively to tactical and arbitration analysis and, finally, he became a professional. to lead the audiovisual department of Valencia CF, becoming a technical assistant to Jorge Valdano, Claudio Rainieri and Luis Aragón , with whom he ended up playing the game. He was working for the Spanish National Team during the 2006 World Cup and Euro 2008.

The club, for its part, has avoided making statements about it.