Girona fixes a bad first half in Vallecas (2-2) in time

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Girona fixes a bad first half in Vallecas (2-2)

< p>Girona has scored a point against Rayoafter starting a hard-fought draw at Vallecas (2-2). Méchel’ He started to show a very weak face in the first part, but he managed to win. tie the match with a brace from Tsygankov . The locals missed a penalty when they dominated 2-1 in the first half. Girona now has a five-point margin against relegation.

The chance in minute one by Trejo It was the prelude to what awaited Girona in Vallecas in the first half. The Argentine received inside the area and finished off the ball. He hit the Gazzaniga side of the net in a play with a lack of understanding between Arnau Martínez and Bueno. The people from Girona had another weak first half at home, in which the best thing was the result.

Madrid's dominance in the early stages was evident with ball control and chances. Trejo wanted to show off too much inside the area and his shot ended up being blocked by David L oacutez pez . With no time to get over the scare, Girona saw Lejeune finish off a corner kick on the post. Shortly after, Isi tried Gazzaniga from the front. End checked. First, he calibrated the and he was unerring on the next try. The Murcian scored a great goal, starting from the wing and driving inside to end up sending a placed shot to the squad.

Penalty with history

The Girona< /strong>It has needed very little to tie the duel. In the first action of clear danger, Tsygankov tied the game. The Ukrainian caught a rebound from Dimitrevski a header from Castellanos to score at will. Without being brilliant, Girona equalized the score. But it lasted Rayo was so little happy at the first goal, as was the tie for the rojiblanco team. Leading role forTrejo , who easily got rid of Miguel Gutiérrez and blew up the game. The ball was in the net of the goal. Second flag goal in Vallecas.

The visitors were yellow. The lack of defensive solidity was accentuated as soon as possible. even more so with an innocent penalty by Arnau on Álvaro García. The full-back from Maresme, who only He had eyes for the air ball, he stepped on the local player. In the midst of the chaos, Gazzaniga has appeared to stop the maximum sentence in Trejo . However, the VAR has warned that Riquelme had entered prematurely and it was necessary to repeat. Far from hesitating on the second attempt, Trejo and Isi wanted to trace the goal of Messi and his árez without success. The Rayo midfielder touched the ball. He asked softly and Isi, coming from outside the area, finished off the shot. forced over the goal.

The changes made by Míchel at the break took effect and Tsygankov tied the game. He brought the match up taking advantage of a cross from Javi Hernández , who had just come on. The improvement of Girona in the second half could have won the goal, but Dimitrevski and the lack of success prevented it. Taty, Iván Martín and Reinier,Already in discount time they have touched the comeback. The confrontation, with a vibrant rhythm, has still had the suspense of a penalty review in favor of Girona in the last action.

Rayo Vallecano, 2 – Girona, 2

Rayo: Dimitrievski, Mario Harnández (Mumin, m.65), Lejeune, Catena, Fran García, Comesaña (Salvi, m.80), Valentín, Isi (Ciss, m.80), Trejo (De Tomás, m.57), Álvaro García y Camello (Unai López, m.65).

Girona: Gazzaniga, Arnau Martínez, Bueno, David López, Miguel (Javi Hernández, m.46), Romeu, Iván Martín, Borja García (Reinier , m.89), Riquelme (Toni Villa, m.46), Tsygankov and Castellanos (Stuani, m.86).

Goals: 1-0, m.23 : Isi; 1-1, m.29:Tsygankov; 2-1, m.34: Trejo; 2-2, m.52: Tsygankov.

Referee: González Fuertes. He admonished Catena and Mario Henrández (Rayo) and Arnau and David López (Girona)