Girl and Krechet restore female pop punk

Divchysko and Krechet revive female pop punk

Divchysko. Photo: press service

Dear deranged GIRL. This is the DNA of the new project from palayu music (artists of the badactress label, Gunna Chorna) and rapper and sound producer Krechet.

Girl is youth, protest and punk. Synthesizer poppunk from Lviv, which celebrates the gloom of today's every teenager and the fragility of life with constant problems, as well as struggles with the norms and statutes of society.

The performer from Lviv Divchysko presents her first video work “Abyuzen”.


“Abuse” is a song about problems familiar to all teenagers. Abuse at home, among friends and in personal relationships – this is what confuses everyone who steps on the path of adulthood.

“It is strange to me to observe how people in the current (progressive) realities are afraid to show their “I”, as if everyone around does not care. Live fast, and if you die young, that's your fate,” the artist shares.

We suggest watching the clip:

In the music video for the track, Girl in the image of Harley Quinn sets out to smash everything in her path, which causes her at least minimal abuse. Instead of beating in her hand, Divchysko holds a guitar and is ready to punk on the streets of cities. Smudged make-up, yesterday's hairstyle, crossing the street at a red light, flying in the middle of the city – all rules of norms and morality will be violated by Devchisk.

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