Gigi Hadid explained that they did not do “beauty shots”

Джиджи Хадид объяснила, что не делала "уколов красоты"

Gigi Hadid. Photo:

American supermodel Gigi Hadid, who is now expecting a child from her boyfriend Zayn Malik, has denied allegations of the use of fillers and admitted that she was already pregnant during fashion month in February and March.

She spoke about it during a live broadcast in Instagram c a Maybelline makeup artist Erin Parsons, writes Elle.

In particular, the 25-year-old Hadid was thinking how different her face from the pregnancy, which forced people to assume that Gigi was a beauty treatment.

People think I do “beauty shots”, so my face is round, but I’ve had it since birth. Especially during fashion weeks when I was pregnant for a few months,” explained Hadid.

Parsons also asked how Gigi would react to external changes due to the impact of pregnancy on the body.

The model believes that the chubby cheeks she already has, and they are unlikely to change. But if her face would change in any other way, she’ll be glad that the most natural process in the world goes on.

Hadid once again assured that he never injected anything in my face. Personally it scares, because the model is “too fond of control,” and asks: “What if everything goes wrong?”.

Gigi said: it really takes such as it is, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes does not feel uncertainty. The model considers makeup an excellent tool to highlight certain parts of the face when this happens.


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