Gift of a neo-Nazi | Derek Sloan kicked out of Conservative caucus

Gift of a neo-Nazi |  Derek Sloan kicked out of Conservative caucus

(Ottawa) The last straw was the gift of a white supremacist. After mounting controversy over the past few months, MP Derek Sloan was finally kicked out of the Conservative caucus by his peers.

Meeting in a virtual caucus on Wednesday, MPs and senators voted in favor of his ejection, which had been called for by Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole on Monday after it was learned that a neo-Nazi had made a donation of $ 131 to help drive Derek Sloan’s leadership campaign.

Before the meeting even got underway, some of his colleagues had expressed their anger on social networks. “I’ve had enough of it too. There’s no room for this bullshit [this garbage] din our party. Good riddance, ”said Ontario MP Eric Duncan on Twitter.

A simple majority was required for him to be ousted from caucus. The members voted by secret ballot, electronically. The process took several hours due to some technical glitches, according to our information.

The verdict had not been officially announced as the MP was already sending an email in which he lambasted Erin O’Toole and his ex-colleagues for their “cynical” and “misguided” gesture, and by promising to defend “true values and Conservative Policies ”as an independent member of the House.

He also encourages his supporters not to tear up their party cards, in order to send as many delegates as possible to the next party convention, in March, in order to exert an influence on the policies that will be there. debated and adopted.

Derek Sloan’s fate was already cast, as Chief O’Toole had requested his exclusion “as quickly as possible.” He also ruled that Derek Sloan could not run as a candidate under the Conservative banner.

Serial controversies

In recent months, the member from Ontario has sparked controversy more often than his turn.

Among other things, he accused the patron saint of public health, the Dre Theresa Tam, of being in cahoots with the Chinese regime, suggested that being LGBTQ was a personal choice and likened the ban on conversion therapy to child abuse.

First elected in October 2019, the 36-year-old, who is also a devotee of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, caused surprise by running for Conservative Party leadership following the departure of Andrew Scheer . He came fourth and last in the race.

He pleaded innocence in the $ 131 donation case arguing that his team did not know the name of neo-Nazi contributor Paul Fromm, a white supremacist whose affections for the neo-Nazi movement have been documented in several articles by English-speaking media in Canada.

Elections Canada records show that the contribution was made by Frederick P. Fromm. In neo-Nazi circles, 131 is an alphanumeric code meaning “Anti Communist Action,” according to the Anti-Defamation League, a United States human rights organization.

The social right grumbles

Erin O’Toole’s disavowal of Derek Sloan prompted an immediate reaction from certain groups on the party’s social right fringe, including some anti-abortion groups, who had supported the elected Ontarian during the leadership race.

“This is an attempt to dissuade pro-lifers from getting involved in the Conservative Party of Canada, especially at the next political convention,” thundered the Right Now group in an email, inviting its supporters to contact their MP to express their anger.

“If these officials of the Conservative Party of Canada who do not share our values ​​were not threatened by our taking our legitimate and democratic place in the party, then they would not attempt such a brazen and obviously desperate move as -Here, ”we added.

“Someone wants to go after Sloan”

Paul Fromm is linked to Holocaust deniers.

He is also a member of the Conservative Party, voted in the last leadership contest and had registered to attend the party’s virtual convention in March – something that was never reported before Monday’s revelations about his donation. $ 131, unveiled by the left-wing news site Press Progress.

In an interview with The Canadian Press on Tuesday, the main person said he had never met Derek Sloan, whose policies he said he appreciated. “I think basically someone wants to go after Sloan and is ready to use anything,” he suggested.

Erin O’Toole won the leadership race last year thanks in part to supporters of Derek Sloan, whom he courted. Since that time, he has often been asked how he would expand his electorate, given the strength of his conservative social wing.

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