Germany says it no longer needs Russian energy

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Germany says it no longer needs Russian energy

The country has completely diversified its energy infrastructure After February 24 and no longer dependent on Russian imports, Finance Minister Christian Lindner told the BBC.

After the invasion, Russia shut off gas taps to Europe, leading to fears of power outages this winter. But Germany has found new sources of energy, Lindner said.

“Yes, of course, Germany is still dependent on energy imports, but today not on Russian imports, but on world markets,” he said.


Germany previously imported about half of Russia's gas and more than a third of its oil.

In its search for alternative energy sources, the country has reopened coal-fired power plants, shelved plans to shut down three remaining nuclear power plants and is pushing for more storage capacity natural gas imported from other countries such as Norway and the USA.

At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, Lindner drew attention to the speed with which a new liquefied natural gas terminal in Germany was being built – according to him, a record fast, about eight months. He added that more infrastructure investment is planned.

“This is just [one] example of a huge change in German policy,” he said.

“We realized that after era of Chancellor Merkel, we must increase our competitiveness. This era was focused on the strengths of the past, and now we are developing the strengths of the future,” said Lindner.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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