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Germany is developing its most advanced main battle tank, the Leopard 2AX

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun8,2024

Germany is developing its most advanced main battle tank, the Leopard 2AX

Despite the joint Franco-German effort to advance the future main battle tank (MGCS) project, Germany is actively working on an alternative that could challenge bilateral cooperation in this area. The Leopard 2AX, an improved version of the Leopard 2A8 main battle tank, is being developed by the German defense industry on behalf of the Bundeswehr.

This project, shrouded in secrecy until recently, is intended to serve as an intermediate main battle tank between the existing Leopard 2A8 and the future MGCS. More worryingly, this event also serves as a plan B for Germany in case the Franco-German program fails, or even as leverage in future negotiations, thus confronting France with a fait accompli with important decisions yet to be made.

The recent progress announced in the MGCS program, which was supposed to mark the effective restart of this Franco-German initiative, may be overshadowed by this unilateral move by Germany. While Paris and Berlin have promised close cooperation to develop the next generation of European main battle tanks, Germany's approach could indicate a lack of confidence in the rapid materialization of the MGCS or a desire to maintain strategic autonomy in the production of its military equipment.

The Leopard 2AX is not only a response to the potential failure of the MGCS, but also represents perhaps a more pragmatic German approach to risk management in such a complex and expensive project. This development raises significant questions about the future of European military cooperation and the long-term viability of the Franco-German defense partnership.

The consequences of this German Plan B could be significant not only for the balance of power in the European Union, but also for the dynamics of the European defense industry, which is often torn between cooperation and national competition.

It will be recalled that the MGCS (Main Ground Combat System) program is a Franco-German initiative aimed at developing a new generation main battle tank to replace the existing Leopard 2 and Leclerc tanks. MGCS, launched to strengthen European defense cooperation, aims to integrate the latest advances in armor technology, weapons systems, sensors and electronic warfare. The tank is planned to be highly modular, with improved survivability characteristics, increased firepower and extensive integration of information and communication systems, which will make the MGCS adaptable to different combat conditions and able to face future threats.

As for the future Leopard 2AX, it is envisioned as a significant improvement on the Leopard 2A8 and incorporates technologies derived from recent battlefield experience. This tank is expected to provide better protection with improved active and passive protection systems, superior firepower with potentially new types of ammunition or an improved weapon system, and enhanced communications and digital command capabilities for interoperability in multinational operations. The Leopard 2AX is designed to provide a technological and functional bridge between current tank generations and the future MGCS, while offering Germany a reliable and autonomous option in the event of delays or failure of the Franco-German project.

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