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Germany has developed its own FPV drone

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

Germany has developed its own FPV drone

At the ILA Air Show in Berlin this month, the German defense company Donaustahl demonstrated its new MAUS FPV drone. It is described as a "fully modular, cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use platform" designed for minimal operator training.

This is reported in the publication Army Recognition.

The MAUS platform is a universal  quadrocopter capable of performing both reconnaissance and strike missions. It can also be used as a kamikaze drone.

Based on the tactical and technical characteristics of the MAUS drone, it is known that it can carry a payload of up to 2.7 kg and has a flight range of 5 to 7 km. The drone is equipped with a high-resolution camera, which allows you to perform missions even at night. It is also possible to be armed with various types of ammunition.

According to the publication, the MAUS drone is currently being actively used by the Ukrainian military on the battlefield and, according to statements, is receiving positive feedback. It is claimed that it is superior to "artisanal" drones in their characteristics and efficiency.

Natasha Kumar

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