Germán Vargas Lleras blamed Enrique Peñalosa for blocking access to Bogotá: he listed works that he did not carry out

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The head of Cambio Radical pointed out that the tunnel from Calle 100 to La Calera was not among the works of the former mayor, nor did he include one promoted by the government Santos

Germ Vargas Lleras blamed Enrique Peñalosa for blocking access to Bogota: he listed works that he did not execute

Germán Vargas Lleras and Enrique Peñalosa

Former Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras has been one of the millions of Bogotá inhabitants affected by the extensive traffic jams entering the city. After the bitter experience, he sought out those responsible for the fact that the road access works have not advanced and among them he highlighted the former mayor Enrique Peñalosa.

Through his Sunday column in the newspaper El Tiempo, the head of Cambio Radical joined the controversy aroused by his personal friend and former party member, Rodrigo Lara. The former congressman pointed out that Peñalosa had “discarded” the construction of a tunnel between 100th Street and Seventh Street to connect with the municipality of La Calera, as a result of the landslide that caused the suspension for a week of the current road and the death of three people last weekend.

The former mayor defended himself and pointed out that it was he who had proposed it as part of his Land Management Plan, along with a cable at 134 to connect with the border municipality. He pointed out that it was Claudia López, his successor, who did not include them in the new POT.

As a result of the controversy, Vargas Lleras pointed out that “we completed 7 days without opening this access and now everyone washes their hands and blames each other”, regarding the road to La Calera that was opened this Sunday under restrictions and still with cleanup work due to landslides.

In addition, the former vice president recounted the works that had been led by the national government for 2015 that were presented to him to the candidates for mayor, who, according to what he said, all agreed to execute, but who did not see the light of day in the following administration that Peñalosa took office that year.

“I well remember Mayor Peñalosa saying that he would not allow the Sopó Valley to become just another neighborhood in Bogotá, when it already was at that time. I have his work plan in my hands and nowhere does the Bogotá-La Calera connection appear, ”Vargas Lleras wrote.

It is a works plan that Vargas Lleras himself presented to the mayoral candidates in 2015, the majority of whom were studying at the ANI, and was based on public-private alliances, to decongest the exits from Bogotá. The vice president, in that forum, sent taunts to Petro, the then mayor, by saying that any candidate “would be better than the current one”.

He pointed out, in his column, that the Autopista Circunvalar de accesso del Llano and the extension of La Esperanza were rejected. The southern perimeter corridor and the northern accesses have not been executed until now in the contractual processes under the current administration.

He maintained that the Express Roads to the West and the La Conejera express road were rejected by the Urban Development Institute (IDU). The ALO Sur was contracted in the current administration of Bogotá. In addition, that the connection Bogotá-Valle de Sopó had pre-feasibility by the ANI, but it was also rejected by the IDU.

The vice president acknowledged that several of these projects began works, such as the ALO Sur, 13th Street or the expansion of the North highway, but predicted that it could take several years to complete, even saying that probably “we will not be alive to see its completion.” . He took the opportunity to question the requests for modifications to the project for the first line of the Bogotá Metro, which he described as a “reopening of the debate”, for which he pointed out that this project “is no more than a fantasy”.

Germ Vargas Lleras blamed Enrique Peñalosa for blocking access to Bogota: he listed works that he did not execute

Germán Vargas Lleras and Enrique Peñalosa

The former mayor responded and pointed out that the connection works to La Calera had studies in various degrees of detail in his administration. But he maintained that the resources were allocated to others, because the Perimetral de Oriente avenue was not unlocked, for which he blamed former vice president Vargas Lleras.

“PPPs (Public Private Alliances) that Vargas mentions they financed themselves with tolls in their dreams. With enormous effort we carried out the expansion of AutoNorte and Séptima when we freed ourselves from the contractor DEVINORTE inherited from ANI Vargas and ALO Sur for which we removed huge Petro-invasions”, wrote the former mayor.