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German developers will improve the helicopters of the Armed Forces with anti-missile defense sensors

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

German developers will improve helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with anti-missile protection sensors

The Hensoldt company plans to equip helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with modern AMPS (Airborne Missile Protection System) anti-missile protection systems. These systems provide protection against a wide range of threats, including surface-to-air missiles; and "air-to-air".

The contract provides for the supply of millions of euros and will help increase the defense capability of Ukrainian helicopters. The AMPS system includes several key components: the MILDS missile launch detection sensor, the ACDU control and indication unit, and the MACS active confirmation system. MILDS detects missile launches and alerts the crew, ACDU controls the system and provides indication to the crew, and MACS determines the distance and speed of detected missiles, reducing the chance of false positives.

According to Tanya Altmann, Head of Ground Solutions at Hensoldt, the integration of AMPS will significantly increase the protection of crews against various threats. The modular design of the system allows it to be easily adapted to various operational requirements and missions.

The first AMPS systems were delivered to Ukraine in June of last year, and the new deliveries will further strengthen the defense capabilities of Ukrainian aviation.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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