Germán Cano: The world scorer who has sparked a crusade to go to Qatar 2022

Germán Cano: The world scorer who has sparked a crusade to go to Qatar 2022

His teammates advocate for him, and his fans put their name on the Albiceleste. The request: that Scaloni summon Germán Cano, the '9' who has scored the most goals in 2022.

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Germán Cano: The world goalscorer who has sparked a crusade to go to Qatar 2022

Cano is much loved by the LGBT community. Last year he celebrated a goal, raising a multicolored pennant on Gay Pride Day. (Photo: EFE)

He is an Argentine adored in Brazil who almost became a Colombian national. Germán Ezequiel Cano Recalde is an eccentricity. One coincidence in every hundred years. A caper of chance.

Today he is also the top scorer in the world, in 2022. Until before Mbappé's last hat-trick, he was alone. Since then, Cano has shared the podium with the smug Frenchman who must have wondered in front of the mirror – with the special consideration he has for us South Americans – where this 34-year-old striker came from, who has dared to score thirty-one goals, like him, a world champion at the age of nineteen.

Mbappé must know and control himself: Germán Cano has never been called up to any selection. Neither adult nor minor. He doesn't know what it's like to put his hand on his chest and sing his country's anthem in the middle of the false silence of a stadium.

Germán Cano: The world goalscorer who has sparked a crusade to go to Qatar 2022

He was born in Lomas de Zamora, a city to the southwest of Greater Buenos Aires whose greatest pride is the Lomas Athletic Club, the first Argentine rugby champion. As for soccer, Club Los Andes is one of the best, but it hasn't competed in the First Division since 2001.

Before being nicknamed the ' Matador' and inspiring terror in goalkeepers, Germán Cano was a striker without a goal who left Argentina because he had no other choice. Neither in Lanús, nor in Chacarita Juniors and less so in Colónhe was able to push balls with a decent frequency.

In 2011, at the age of 23, he had his first experience abroad in a club threatened by the guillotine of relegation: the Deportivo Pereira from Colombia. He scored a dozen goals and contributed to his salvation.

In the last eleven years, where he has defended seven clubs from four different countries (Colombia , Paraguay, Mexico and Brazil), Germán Cano has stood out in a way that borders on reinvention.

At Deportivo Independiente Medellín he found a home and an altar: he is the second highest scorer in the club's history with 88 goals. In 2018, his best year with the 'Powerful of the Mountain', he won a new award: being the historical scorer in short tournaments in the Colombian league, with twenty goals, thus surpassing Miguel Borja's nineteen conquests in 2016, with National Athletic. Medellín has enjoyed it and suffered it.

That 2018 was his graduation with honors from the illustrious serial school killers: only Messi (47), Cristiano Ronaldo (40), Robert Lewandowski (38) and Mohamed Salah (36) drilled more archers than him. He was the fifth scorer on the planet, with thirty-four celebrations.

Looking at it this way, it is not so strange that in 2022 he has scored more times than Karim Benzema, Sadio Mané or Robert Lewandowski. For a few years, Cano has been, as they say, in the hype. Only now that he shines in Fluminense have pettiness been left aside.

Open your eyes, Scaloni

Germán Cano, in addition to being a goal specialist, he must be a good teammate: the colocho Jhon Arias, his buddy in the 'Flu' attack, got into a live interview they did to him to make him a request with its own name: “A message: Scaloni, this is the time, this man has to go to Qatar”.

Immediately, Arias showed his teeth mischievously and left the frame.

Felipe Melo, the veteran midfielder who broke ankles and jaws in Serie A, also sent a message to the coach of the Argentine team. “The best ‘9′ out there. What does Scaloni expect to call Germán Cano? Do you know, Olé newspaper?”, Melo consulted on social networks.

There is a disinterested campaign so that from Argentina they take a look at him. Even the Fluminense torcedores have had a more than striking gesture with him: cross out Messi's name on the Albiceleste shirt and place theirs. It would be difficult for another Argentine to cause such a crusade in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2020 before he signed for Vasco da Gama, Cano had the opportunity to become a Colombian national. He only had to live another half year in the land of Fernando Botero. But he remained intentional. Later, when Muriel, Duván Zapata and Radamel Falcao García suffered a few goals, they remembered him, but it was too late.

Will it be too late for Scaloni? After FIFA's authorization to extend the roster in Qatar 2022 from 23 to 26 footballers, the morbidity is growing. “We don't rule out anything because it's not good either, nor should we”, Scaloni has declared. Less than three months before the World Cup, Cano, the extravagant, dreams of sharing a dressing room with Messi. Don't tell him no!