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German Attorney General's Office Takes Over Investigation into Knife Attack That Killed Police Officer

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun3,2024

The German Prosecutor General's Office has taken over the investigation of the knife attack where a policeman died

German Prosecutor General Jens Rommel took over the investigation into a knife attack in the city of Mannheim, which resulted in the death of a policeman.

This information was confirmed by a representative of the federal prosecutor's office to Spiegel, writes Evropeyskaya Pravda.

As the department noted, the decision to investigate the attack in Mannheim is explained by the “particular importance” of case because the crime is classified as religiously motivated and could threaten Germany's internal security.

The case is being investigated on charges of murder, five attempted murders and causing dangerous bodily harm, federal prosecutors added.

According to the investigation, on the afternoon of May 31, on the market square in Mannheim, a man with a knife attacked representatives of the civil movement Pax Europa during an anti-Islamic rally and injured many people, including a law enforcement officer.

In total, six people were injured, including including a 29-year-old police officer who died in hospital from a wound to the neck and head.

The attacker turned out to be 25-year-old Sulaiman A., a native of Afghanistan who came to Germany as a teenager in 2014 and lived in Hesse with his wife and two children. He received a bullet wound during his arrest, so he has not yet given evidence or explained the motive for the attack.

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Natasha Kumar

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