Gerard Piqué's friend sparked controversy on social networks: Would Shakira have been unfaithful?

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Celebrities are still in the eye of the storm, this time due to the statements of a friend of the soccer player who assured that the athlete was the one deceived by the Colombian

Gerard Piqué's friend sparked controversy on social media: Would Shakira have been unfaithful?

Gerard Piqué's friend claimed that Shakira could have been unfaithful of the relationship. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

“It wasn't your fault, nor was it mine”,is one of the excerpts from the song that Shakira premiered a few weeks ago and that, according to the artist's followers, had a lot and everything to hint at Gerard Piqué. Their separation has been one of the most notorious, since the rumors of an alleged infidelity of the soccer player echoed in the different Spanish media that released the information.

Even at some point it was stated that the women with whom the central defender of the Blaugrana team were sending a series of messages to the Colombian who claimed to have had an affair with her ex-partner; who is now in a relationship with the 23-year-old who worked at the company owned by Piqué's family.

On this occasion, the radio and television journalist Jordi Basté, who is very close to the footballer's entourage, came out in defense of the former Barça member who surprised with some statements that raised a doubt among Piqué's followers, since he was not the one who committed the acts of infidelity, but contrary to what has been stated repeatedly, it would have been Shakira who was unfaithful to her ex-partner.

Gerard Piqué would not have been the bad guy of the relationship, he has not talked about his separation from Shakira. In three months he has become the bad guy in the movie and until we know what the details of the breakup were, < i>we wouldn't have to say it. In life everything has nuances and some will surprise you”, expressed the communicator for El

Another point that caught the attention of the journalist's statements has to do with the way in which they have talked about the separation, because it could be exactly the opposite of how it has been told in the different media, since the media ensures that “Basté knows things, but he cannot say them, he only warns that, about Shakira, perhaps it's just the opposite of how it's been explained.”

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El indicated on its website that perhaps the infidelity was committed by Shakiramuch earlier, but Piqué will be in charge of speaking in the future, when he considers it pertinent. He also says that perhaps it was the Colombian who wanted a divorce and not Piqué, perhaps it is he who wants to leave Barcelona with the children and not the artist, which is why Jordi Basté affirms that the footballer felt free to go out with his young partner.

“Perhaps it is just the opposite of how it has been explained, especially when it comes to his personal life,” he reported.

< h2 class="header">Words by Piqué on his farewell to F. C. Barcelona

The footballer couldn't hold back his tears and in the midst of crying that he couldn't hold while expressing a few words of farewell to the thousands of attendees at Camp Nou, expressed that this was the right moment to start a new stage in his life away from the football pitch, but that this would not be the end of Gerard Piqué in football .

“It was time to give ourselves space, a little air, and I am convinced that in the future we will I will see to be here (…). In life, when you get older, you realize that love is sometimes leaving, “said the Catalan center-back in the middle of saying goodbye to him.