Gerard Piqué was caught with a new girl who looks like Shakira

Gerard Piqué was caught with a new girl who looks like Shakira

Gerard Piqué was given a new girl who looks like Shakira

Just recently, it was a little bit that Gerard Piqué wanted to turn to the mother of his children Shakira, then at the same time, it seems, there is no turning back. Having burnt all the bridges on their own, they could help to turn to the squad. So, in the measure of s & # 8217; there were showing photos, on which Gerard Piqué with the new maiden Clara Chia embraced and kissed. A couple were picked up on one of the entries. The stench was not particularly welcomed, Ukr.Media informs.

Gerard Piqué, football player of “Barcelona” and the choice of Spain, not long ago they swarmed at once with a new image. The couple hugged and kissed in public. The romance between Gerard and Clara Chia was consumed by the cameras.

“E people, it's so easy to forget! Gerard Piqué taking a picture of his new conquests by Clara Chia Mart. While I’m enjoying myself, it seems that Shakira is already in poor health, and I need psychological help. Shards with a skin day are becoming less and less clear Pike & # 8221;, – so they signed the sign that when they appeared in the border.

Who knows about the footballer's new passion

Klari Chia 23 rocky. First, which is thrown into the eyes, the price is neimovirna similarity between Clara and young Shakira. It's not surprising that the girl enchanted the heart of a football player. It seems that Clara herself became the reason why Pike and Shakiri fell apart.

The girl worked as a waitress in one of the night clubs. There once I saw Gerard. I got to know you about Chia, and they started talking. It is obvious that the girl was very worthy of the football players. It’s not just that I’ve won a new job, but I myself am a partner in one of my companies. Perhaps, in this rank, Pike wants to be closer to his new sympathy. Wait, while Shakira was sitting at home with her children, Gerard spent more and more hours on the job. Now I figured out who (or rather, who) was pulling yoga so hard.

Gerard Piqué got a new girl who looks like Shakira

So, for a bit, Gerard once brought Clara home. Shakiri was not there, but it turned out so that she turned around earlier and literally caught a man with a kokhanka. Gerard, it seems, is serious about driving Clary Velmy seriously. To learn about the girl with his fathers and children from Shakiri.


Let's guess that the whole story slowly began to spill in red. Todi Shakira voiced that the stinks of Gerard were separated. On the first day of the 12th anniversary of the sky. In her statement, the partner did not say anything about Pike's sake, and in what yogo did not sound. Ale, it seems that Gerard's own friendliness innocence led to such naslіdkіv. Aje Shakira and Gerard used to look so happy at the same time. Their love had two children: Milan and Sasha.