Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía: criticism of the young woman for carelessness in the image of the footballer

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Social networks do not forgive the bad streak of the former F. C. Barcelona member, as they tell him that he is fat and that his new girlfriend has a bad hand

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Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía: criticism of the young woman for carelessness in the image of the soccer player

Fat and careless, they tell Clara Chía that she has to her boyfriend Gerard Piqué (Photos: Magazine ¡Hola!/Instagram/@holacom)

On November 5, Gerard Piqué announced his definitive retirement from the soccer fields As a professional player, however, the Blaugrana defender did not rule out that in the future he might try to return, either as part of the team's managerial or technical staff culé.

“In a relationship of as much love as that of Barça and I think it was time to leave us a little space” , said the central defender, who left the door open for his return to the institution from another role: “I am convinced that I will be here again”.

But this is not the only thing that has attracted attention in the midst of his separation from the Colombian singer Shakiraand his new relationship with Clara Chía, a 23-year-old girl who stole the athlete's heart and managed to take it away from what is considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

The comments against the footballer have not stopped on social networks, as well as the criticism after finishing one of his presentations with Barça while he went to the dressing rooms with his teammates and took off the culé club's shirt. While he was handing the garment to a child who was crying and shouting his name, the poor physical condition in which he has been in since the beginning of his new courtship was evident.

A Piqué is observed tired, with a neglected abdomen, since it looks a bit flaccid and his pectorals are sagging, and it was also evident that the years are beginning to take their toll on him. The comments on social networks refer to the bad hand that Clara Chía would have and her feeling of guilt has hit the Spaniard hard.

Next, the video of Gerard Piqué for which they say that his girlfriend would not have a good hand like Shakira:

Social networks do not forgive and say that the footballer would be overweight in his retirement from professional football

Controversial statements by Piqué's best friend

On this occasion, the radio and television journalist Jordi Basté, very close to the footballer's environment, came out in defense of the former Barça member and surprised with some statements that raised a doubt among Piqué's followers, as he assured that it was not the player who unfaithful, but contrary to what has been repeatedly stated, it would have been Shakira.

Gerard Piqué would not have been the bad guy in the relationship, he has not talked about his separation from Shakira. In three months he has become the bad guy in the movie and until we know the details of the breakup, we wouldn't have to say. Everything in life has nuances and some will surprise you”, expressed the communicator for El

He also said that perhaps it was the Colombian who wanted a divorce and not Piqué, perhaps it is he who wants to leave Barcelona with the children and not the artist, which is why Jordi Basté stated that the footballer felt free to go out with his young partner.

< p class="paragraph">“Perhaps it is just the opposite of how it has been explained, especially when it comes to his personal life,” he reported.