Georgian President does not want air links with Russia

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Georgian President does not want air links with Russia

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili strongly opposed the resumption of direct flights with Russia. She noted that for her such a position is “to put it mildly, incomprehensible”; against background when partner countries express solidarity with Ukraine.

Earlier, the ruling party said that it would be good for Georgians living in Russia.

“If you remember something about the ancient tricks of Russia, one must understand that the Kremlin will throw in such topics, hoping to create some kind of split between us and our Western partners. This cannot be allowed!”, — said the President of Georgia.

Speaking of Georgian diaspora in Russia, Zurabishvili says that she has been trying for a long time and to no avail to achieve softening of the criteria for restoring Georgian citizenship to natives of Georgia. And this, according to                        s more worries her compatriots in Russia and other countries. and adopt regulations, “to make the public feel that national interests and security are protected” .

“Also, instead of resuming flights, the government should take care of the reputation of the country and regularly accusations of evading sanctions”, — Zurabishvili added.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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