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George Lucas defends Marvel films

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May27,2024

In 2019, director Martin Scorsese inspired a lively controversy by asserting that (current) superhero films are not cinema. Since then, throughout the past five years, many writers, directors and actors have been involved in the work. asked to react to this statement made by someone who is nonetheless one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema. À on the occasion of his passage to Cannes last weekend, George Lucas, at in turn, was arrested à this subject.

George Lucas defends Marvel films

Marvel Vs Ciné ma, The opinion of George Lucas

Since his first statement on the films Marvel, Martin Scorsese himself has been regularly re-interviewedon his first declaration and sometimes even moderated his comments. However, if, At the time of the streaming platform war, the question of whether or not Marvel productions are cinema is causing so much reaction, this is no coincidence. While all the entertainment giants are fighting to have as much content as possible in their stable and offer titles to everyone. even to awaken their algorithms with keywords,the overproductionMarvelcan only challenge.

George Lucas defends Marvel films

Among the many artists questioned on the question « Marvel: Cinema or not? », many supported Scorseseand have been agree with his judgment. But in which camp is the legendary creator ofStar Wars, George Lucas? Interview for Brut by the French cultural journalist and literary critic, Augustin Trapenard, George Lucas responded to Martin Scorsese's statements that theMarvel films would not be “cinema” while sharing his own point of view on the current state of Hollywood:

It’s simple. Cinema is the art of the moving image. So, if the image moves, then it's cinema. I also think that Marty has changed a little; opinion since.

“I was at the beach, making sandcastles with Steven Spielberg. Friends called me saying: watch the news […], that's where I I understood that Star Wars was a real success.”
Conversation between @ATrapenard and George Lucas, who receives an honorary Palme d’or…

May 24, 2024

George Lucas dreams of better Hollywood cinema

Lucas then addressed the fact that he was a pioneer of digital film and that many directors, including Scorsese, were initially convinced that he was making a mistake.However, the creator of the Star Wars universe did not nor does he consider himself a visionary capable of seeing everything happen before anyone else.He thus recognizes that he has posed himself as a visionary. quite a few questions about the arrival of streaming without really knowing what it could mean.

George Lucas defends Marvel films

Although Lucas has not shared explicitly his opinion on the Marvel films (by saying “if the image moves, then it's cinema”, he leaves the question unanswered), he also offered a Uncompromising assessment of current Hollywood production, thereafter.

The stories they tell are just old movies,Let's make a sequel, let's make another version of this movie. There is no original thought. The big studios, they have no imagination.

George Lucas defends Marvel films

A statement who, casually, between the lines, puts one more tackle not only on Marvel productions but also on the multiple Star Wars titles offered by Disney since 2015. However, for those hoping that Lucas, who also created Indiana Jones, will pick up his pen or his camera to make his own counter-proposal, they will probably be disappointed.

No, I'm up for it. retirement. The last one I did as a producer was called Strange Magic, an animated film. So, I made films that I wanted to make rather than anything else. I financed myself and had my own studio. Today, I am building a museum in Paris. Los Angeles. This keeps me very busy.

George Lucas defends Marvel films

< strong>And if you're interested in George Lucas' recent speeches, you can also read, Star Wars: George Lucas reveals why the prelogy was released. much criticized.

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