Geomagnetic apocalypse on Earth: humanity will have only 30 minutes to prepare for the storm

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The strongest geomagnetic storm can disable communication systems, power grids, and theoretically even lead to a complete shutdown of the Internet.

Geomagnetic apocalypse on Earth: mankind will have only 30 minutes to prepare for the storm

Scientists from NASA believe that with the help of a new using a machine learning algorithm, it will be possible to predict the appearance of geomagnetic storms dangerous for the planet on Earth. This algorithm will warn earthlings about the occurrence of such an event half an hour before powerful plasma flows and the strongest radiation from the Sun hit the Earth. ScienceAlert.

Space weather affects all objects in the solar system in that or some other degree. If on Earth weather is the state of the atmosphere in a certain place at a certain time, then space weather can be said about the conditions in space around the Sun, which our star forms.

< strong>How does it do it? Solar flares and coronal mass ejections are constantly appearing on the Sun. Sometimes they run separately, sometimes together. That is, in this case, an eruption of different power occurs, when streams of charged solar particles and magnetized plasma fly far into space.