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>> Illegitimate son of Elon Musk/Elon Musk Junior

A man from Kenya said that the American billionaire Elon Musk is his real father. Now he wants to be reunited with his father. Radio Maximum tells how the businessman reacted to this.

The man calls himself Elon Musk, Jr. On page X (formerly Twitter), a user published a post claiming to be the inventor's illegitimate son.

As proof, he posted a photo of himself and also shared the story of how his mom and “dad” met. Yes, he said that his mother worked as a manager of a Kenyan hotel where Musk stayed in the 1990s.

Dear Kenyans, please help me reconnect with my father Elon Musk . In the early 90s, my mother was the manager of the JW Marriot Masai Mara Lodge when Elon Musk toured here. Now I live in extreme poverty, despite the fact that my dad is a dollar billionaire. A retweet will help me reconnect, he wrote.

Later, the man wrote that Musk's legal team had contacted him and noted that he had come to the United States and had undergone several tests.

Your benevolent contribution of just $1 will go a long way in making this happen, the scammer wrote to scam readers.

Note that Musk has a total of 10 recognized biological children from three different women.

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