General PNP who leads the Colchado case is linked to two investigated by the Special Team

General PNP who leads the Colchado case is linked to two investigated by the Special Team

PNP General Carlos Tuse founded in 2010 and was manager of the security company Najai S.A.C. Héctor Pasapera, who is being investigated for the Puente Tarata case, is one of the partners and current manager of the company of the PNP officer who works in the Inspectorate.

PNP General who handles Colchado's case is linked to two investigated by the Special Team

General PNP Tuse was Sucamec Superintendent in 2019. In April of this year he was reinstated to his institution by court order.

PNP General Carlos Tuse Lloclla is the Director of Investigations of the PNP Inspector General's Office. It was through his office that the complaint filed by President Pedro Castillo for the dismissal of PNP Colonel Harvey Colchado, leader of the PNP special team, was channeled. And it was, according to police sources, through that same office that it was established that Disciplinary Office No. 21 would be responsible for conducting the process against the aforementioned officer.

Tuse Lloclla answers directly to the inspector general of the PNP, Segundo Mejía Montenegro, a native of Chota and close to the head of state, who was unexpectedly appointed to that position on last Saturday with the new Police Commander General, Raúl Alfaro Alvarado, and the Chief of the General Staff, Vicente Álvarez Moreno.

PNP General who handles the Colchado case is linked to two investigated by the Special Team

The head of Investigations of the General Inspectorate was reinstated in his institution on April 21 of this year, according to a supreme resolution signed by President Castillo and the then Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Chávarry, in compliance with a 2019 court order. Previously he had held the position of superintendent of Sucamec in the government of Martín Vizcarra. He was there until October 2020. Chávarry worked at that entity from 2014 to September 2021, according to his affidavit.

General businessman

In March 2010, Tuse founded the security company Najai S.A.C., according to the Public Records, and was its general manager until September 2019. This firm, according to the Sunat portal, is still active and has Naomi Tuse as shareholders. Vega (daughter of General Tuse) and businessman Héctor Antonio Pasapera López, who assumed the management of Najai S.A.C. replacing the current head of Investigations of the Inspector General's Office.

Najai S.A.C., whose address is behind the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, in San Isidro, does not register contracts with the State. However, since November 2018 it has been registered as a supplier of goods and services, according to the OSCE portal.

PNP General who has Colchado's case is linked to two investigated by the Special Team

For lawyer Stefano Miranda, an expert in police law, the mere fact that General PNP Tuse has a private security company contravenes the Police Law ( Legislative Decree No. 1267) that prohibits its members from participating in such a company.

Investigated partner

But that is not all. Héctor Pasapera López, current general manager of Najai S.A.C., according to Sunat, is being investigated precisely by the Special Team of Prosecutors against Corruption of Power, which is supported by the team led by Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado.

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">Héctor Pasapera López is the general manager of Grupo Arcose S.A.C., a company where the lobbyist Karelim López acknowledges that she provided advice. In addition, this businessman is the cousin of Marco Antonio and Luis Pasapera Adrianzén, from the company Termirex S.A.C. This company, as is public, was part of the Puente Tarata III consortium that won a contract for more than S/232 million with Provías Descentralizado, from the MTC, in October 2021, which is under investigation by the special prosecutor's team.

In this regard, the lawyer Miranda maintains that there is a clear conflict of interest between the head of investigations of the Inspectorate and the process that is being followed against Colchado.

In communication with this newspaper, General PNP Tuse acknowledged that Héctor Pasapera is the general manager of the company he founded. He stated that he left that company after he was appointed Sucamec superintendent.

He said that he met Héctor Pasapera through his cousin Luis Pasapera Adrianzén, with whom he said he had a friendship because the latter was a member of the civic committee of the PNP General Staff. According to Tuse, the investigation into Colchado will be carried out “without pressure.”

More informationOffice No. 21

The Disciplinary Office No. 21 is the one in charge of the case against Colonel PNP Harvey Colchado, despite the fact that it was No. 4 that was on duty when President Pedro Castillo filed his complaint on August 24. According to sources in the Inspectorate, the fact is due to the fact that office No. 21 sees “emblematic cases”.