General Motors will put 649 SUVs, U.S. army, for 214,3 million dollars

A military unit of the American Corporation General Motors GM Defense signed a contract for the supply of transport of the U.S. army. In the framework of this agreement the company will send 649 SUVs for 214,3 million dollars.

General Motors поставит 649 внедорожников армии США за 214,3 млн долларов

Cars General Motors uses in the infantry units. Specialized transport for the U.S. army will be based on the Chevrolet Colorado pickup. The engineers of the Corporation say that the development of military SUVs will use 90% of the “civilian” components. For the first time an army truck have started to use in 2019 under the name of the ISV. It was based on the chassis of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 with a set of mechanisms for Performance, joining the body with the road. Named trucks received the device with Multimatic DSSV for the repayment of the bumps and shocks of the moving parts. The reliability of the machine components has proven during races Best in the Desert. In these competitions called the pickup entered the four “finalists” in the 11 contests in a row. It is equipped with Duramax power unit volume of 2.8 liters and output of 197 HP and six-speed automatic transmission.

Under the terms of the contract, GM Defense not only put the U.S. army transport, but also provide maintenance. Machine cycles in the forwarding units. Cars are compact and lightweight, allowing it to transport helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk or CH-47 Chinook. Products of General Motors for the us military is designed to overcome the way on a bad coverage. The control system of the car without human intervention adapts to the situation.

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