Gelli Berry chose pink siva until her 56th birthday

Gelli Berry chose pink siva until her 56th birthday

Gellie Berry chose a rosy sivin to her 56-ritch

Sivina is the great beauty trend of the day: choose stars for red roads and women for everyday life. Gelli Berry has reached the trend, celebrating her 56th National Day.

“I love you so much National Day!” – Gelli Berry wrote on Instagram before her 56th birthday. Vaughn poses with a well-groomed head, її sily shkira looks healthy, the actor can relax and look happy.

Respect is given to the waterfall of the brilliant coachmen that fall on the eyes. Apparently, like a birch, Gelli turned to her famous pixie haircut, she experimented with different looks, like an electric blond and purple-purple zabarvleniya before experimenting with a cascade of curls.

Berry celebrates how richly the richness of fifty women is unique , like a plague, you can be superbly visible and true, in a simple way to give shkіrі syannya and viraznit її. The little ones thought, it’s good that Berry gave us great experiments and zachіska, like three hours passed – and the actor chose a lavender color to show the beauty of her left mane. If a person is prominent and happy, then baiduzhe, what color you have hair. Gelli may have a sly look. Zreshtoyu, I'm over 56.