Geiner Alvarado's lawyer: “We have dispensed with the right not to testify and we are ready to cooperate”

Geiner Alvarado's lawyer: “We have dispensed with the right not to testify and we are ready to cooperate”

The minister's legal defender, investigated together with Pedro Castillo for the Anguía works case, affirmed that his client maintains his innocence. “We are not accepting any charges, so far,” he said.

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Geiner Alvarado's lawyer: “We have waived the right-not-to-declare and we are ready to cooperate&rdquo ;

Holder of the Housing portfolio is the member of the Cabinet that registered the most tax investigations in process. Among the alleged crimes for which he is being investigated – according to his affidavit according to Law 31457 – are incompatible negotiation or improper use of the position, document falsification and crime against the public administration. (Photo: PCM)/

Minister Geiner Alvarado's lawyer, Elius Arismendiz, assured El Comercio that his client did not take advantage of his right to remain silent in his statement before the prosecutor's office this Friday and that he is willing to “cooperate” with the investigations. However, he specified that the head of the MTC maintains his thesis of innocence, which rules out the possibility of benefiting from an effective collaboration process.

Arismendiz indicated that his client went to the headquarters of the Public Ministry on Friday morning after being summoned to testify as an investigator, after the Nation's prosecutor initiated an investigation last week for an alleged criminal organization together with Pedro Castillo for the case of the works in Anguía. The stagecoach lasted about six hours.

“We have started this discharge task before the National Prosecutor's Office. He has completed his first act of formal investigation: the rendering of his testimony as a defendant, “he said. “He is cooperating, he is declaring and he will follow that line as long as we continue to defend him,” he added. :format(jpeg):quality(75)/” media=”(max-width: 360px)” class=”lazy”/>

Geiner Alvarado's lawyer: “We have waived the right not to declare and we are ready to cooperate & rdquo ;

Geiner Alvarado withdrew from the prosecution without making a statement to the press. (Photo: El Comercio)

Arismendiz indicated that the minister's defense “is in the line of cooperating with the investigation. Although we have the right to refrain from testifying, at this time we have dispensed with that right and are ready to cooperate with the investigation. My sponsor is giving his testimony, at the level of the accused, and is making the acts of defense “.

He is considered innocent

The lawyer avoided giving details of the content of his statement and limited himself to saying that his client “is cooperating with the investigative acts of the Public Ministry and is doing his acts of discharge”. “It will be the tax authorities that make the corresponding decision,” he added.

Despite this, he indicated that his sponsor has already rejected the accusations and that “we continue along the same lines.” “There is a thesis of innocence. We are not accepting any charges, so far, criminal. On the contrary, we are making a discharge defense and the objective documents are being presented, which are basically technical criteria so that the Public Ministry can evaluate”, he said.

Geiner Alvarado's lawyer: “We have dispensed with the right not to testify and we are ready to cooperate”

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Not accepting charges implies that Geiner Alvarado -at least for the moment- does not will undergo some process such as effective collaboration, as Bruno Pacheco or Karelim López have done, or sincere confession, such as Hugo Espino and Anggi Espino.

Arismendiz said he was not aware of any measure requested by the Attorney General's Office against his client. Regarding the possibility of acquiescing to a possible request to prevent him from leaving the country against him or hand over his passport, he replied that “we have not yet evaluated that possibility, we have nothing concrete. At the time it will have to be evaluated, if it is chaos, but the line of my research is to cooperate.”