Geiner Alvarado: PJ dictates 36 months of impediment to leave the country against former minister

Geiner Alvarado: PJ dictates 36 months of impediment to leave the country against former minister

The censored former Minister of Housing is being investigated for alleged criminal organization together with President Pedro Castillo.

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Geiner Alvarado: PJ issues a 36-month ban on leaving the country against a former minister

Geiner Alvarado will be barred from leaving the country/

The Judiciary issued a 36-month ban on leaving the country against former minister Geiner Alvarado, who is being investigated by the Attorney General's Office for alleged criminal organization. This is one of the cases for which President Pedro Castillo is also being investigated.

The measure was issued this Friday by Juan Carlos Checkley, head of the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation of the Supreme Court. It had been requested by the Public Ministry and supported in a hearing held last Wednesday.

Due to this, the National Migration Superintendence ordered the registration of the alert at the Migratory or Border Control Posts in charge of the entity. The judicial resolution was also notified to the Police, as well as to the prosecution and the defense of the investigated.

The investigation

According to the judicial resolution -to which El Comercio agreed- in this case the prosecution accused Pedro Castillo of being the leader of this alleged criminal network in the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS), which would have been “intended to illicitly benefit from a series of contracts in said Sector.”

According to this scheme, Geiner Alvarado would have been appointed as head of that sector, as well as other officials such as Salatiel Marrufo. Added to this is the so-called group of “shadow advisers”, made up of Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez, Abel Cabrera Fernández and Nenil Medina, mayor of Anguía today in preventive detention.

The key element is the issuance of Emergency Decree 102-2021, signed by Pedro Castillo, Geiner Alvarado and other ministers. “To decide which projects would be included in the list of works of said decree, the technical criteria established in the Sector would not have been respected, but rather, through Salatiel Marrufo Alcántara, a list of projects would have been delivered,” says the prosecution .

Geiner Alvarado: PJ issues a 36-month ban on ex-minister leaving the country

Statements by Pedro Castillo from Pueblo Libre

In said list, according to the hypothesis of the Public Ministry, priority was given to projects according to the “subordinate interests of the aforementioned organization; prioritizing the projects of the municipalities whose mayors were part of the aforementioned criminal organization or were close to the presidential family.”

Risk of flight

At the hearing, prosecutor Marco Huamán had argued that the measure was necessary to ensure that Geiner Alvarado does not leave the country and that he collaborates with the investigation of the truth.

Meanwhile, the defense of the former minister said that day that they did not oppose the request and that they acquiesced to it, although they considered themselves innocent. The person under investigation participated and said that he would collaborate with the investigations.

But aside from this, the judge analyzed the case and determined that “the specific risk of flight is proven” with respect to the former minister. For this, he considered that the time he served as minister (July 2021-September 2022) has allowed him to accumulate resources for a possible escape and that another former minister accused of integrating a criminal network, Juan Silva, remains at large.

“Despite the fact that his defense expressed his willingness to submit to criminal prosecution and acquiesce to the measure, from all the above it is concluded that there is a reasonable risk that he could leave the country at any time and avoid criminal prosecution,” said the judge.

On the other hand, the resignation of his State security (on Saturday, September 17) was taken into account, margin that he then backed down.

Read the judge's ruling

Geiner Alvarado: PJ dictates 36 months of impediment from leaving the country against ex-minister

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