Gazprom Zupiniv Pivnichniy Potik. For 10 days, what's up?

Gazprom Zupiniv Pivnichniy Potik. For 10 days, what's up?

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They will be afraid of the Nimachechyna that after the planned repair of the gas pipeline of Russia, they will not renew their work. The coming days will become for the FRN a kind of rehearsal of life without Russian gas.

Potik. For 10 days, what's the rest?” />

Who would think for a moment that the whole of Nіmechchina is so banal on the right, like a scheduled repair of one of the elements of the gas infrastructure! At the end of the year, the schedule of the piping of the Pivnichnogo flow on preventive robots was reduced by gas importers and gas transport operators. The decision of the Swiss subsidiary of Gazprom Nord Stream AG from 11 to 21 April to interrupt the supply of two threads of ceramic-coated pipeline to the pipeline became one of the main topics in the political stakes of the FRN and in the German ZMI.


The problem is not with the one who, on the second day of the fall, still has the most important route for supplying Russian gas to Nimechchina and the neighboring countries of the EU , moreover, there is a severe shortage of blackite fire in the European market and in the fall it is pumped to underground gas pipelines (PGS) at the borders of preparation for the winter.

The biggest turbulence in Nіmechchinі tim, scho after 21 lindens of gas supply Pіvnіchny flow in vіdnovіtsya – navitt have tih strongly obzhezheny obsyagi (40 vіdsotkіv vіd proektnoї natuzhnosti), in such stench came from Russia from the middle of the earth, & # 8211; From that hour, as the political leaders of the FRN, France and Italy, they violated as far as Kiev, so that there they would stand up for granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for entry to the EU.

Щоправда, Газпром пояснює різке скорочення поставок технічними причинами: Канада через санкції проти РФ заблокувала повернення відремонтованих газоперекачувальних агрегатів фірми Siemens Energy на компресорну станцію Портова поблизу Виборга в Ленінградській області, до того ж Ростехнагляд виявив на цій КС технічні несправності та тимчасово заборонив її використання.< /p>

Nimets politicians don't disobey Moscow's explanations

However, Berlin has already realized that various Russian regulators periodically show malfunctions that damage unsustainable food products themselves at those moments, when it is especially visible politically to the Kremlin. Best stock – рішення районного суду на місяць зупинити експорт нафти з Казахстану до ЄС із терміналу в Новоросійську, оскільки Ространснагляд виявив там порушення в інструкціях з ліквідації аварійних розливів нафти.

“Сьогодні ми змушені констатувати: Росія використовує енергію як I'll take it. Even if there is nothing to believe in those who Russia shortens its gas supplies, including for technical reasons & # 8221;, & # 8211; FRN Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on the 6th Lipnya.

Gazprom has confirmed the Pivnichniy Potik. For 10 days, what's over?

Federal Economics Minister Robert Gabek shows that he is threatening the PSG, that Russia will turn on the gas, 23 hours, 2022

On the beginning of the month, Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy Robert Gabek was similarly hung. Vіn rozpovіv, so that there will not be much zdivovaniya, as in Russia in the course of ten days of preventive work, it is necessary to reveal a little wrong detail and then say that, having said, we can’t start everything again.

Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Agency for Measures (Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA), shared his battles that the planned technical prevention of the Pivnіchnogo flow can develop “ into yoga trivala political prophylaxis”, not without sarcasm.

< strong>Can Pivnichny Podok's Zupinka help reanimate Pivnіchny Potik-2?

In short, at the political core of the FRN, a whole series of scenarios of the total supply of Russian gas by the Pivnich stream after the 21st lime are taken into account. While the Kremlin, having allowed the Russian state-owned company Gazprom to the most important export market, that dzherel of foreign exchange earnings, even before the coronavirus pandemic, the Kremlin bought over a quarter of all deliveries directly from Europe, including Turkey.

Однак у Берліні тепер вважають, що задля досягнення своїх військових цілей в Україні Володимир Путін готовий піти на такий радикальний крок, сподіваючись ввести Німеччину у важку економічну, а потім і політичну кризу, щоб змусити її таким чином знизити або навіть припинити підтримку українського опору російській агресії .

One more meta of the total connection of the Pivnichnogo flow could have affected the test of the FRN and in general the EU could have allowed the exploitation of the other Russian gas pipeline in the Baltics – Pivnіchnogo stream-2. Similar calls lulled the rest of the hour near Moscow, and on the 6th of July the idea to launch freezes by the German government and write-offs of gas pipelines by European investors during the hour of the debate at the Bundestag was actively lobbied by the right-wing populist party Alternative for Nimechchini (AdN). For the first time ever, the Leo Party has not supported the Leo Party, as it often takes pro-Russian positions.

Olaf Scholz: the gas crisis is not to be embarrassed by the FRN to support Ukraine

And on the 7th day, Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in a television interview, said that Nimechchina actively supported Ukraine, the docks would be necessary, regardless of the economic problems of the FRN, which are growing, and the threat of a gas crisis. On the same day, the results of a representative experiment were published, arguing that 61 hundred Germans selected to support the EU sanctions, navitya stench will be more difficult in energy supply.

The terminal of Pivnichnogo Stream-2 is deserted: European finance has already written off the gas pipeline

Also, as Gazprom on the 21st lime does not celebrate the work of the Pivnіchnogo stream and in such a significant manner allow the Russian gas pipeline to come to Russia hardly chi pide on be-yaki political deeds – accept the next few months.

Natomist Nіmechchina to focus on the head plant of tizhnіv, which are lost, until the beginning of the opalous season in Zhovtnі: on the maximum swidky gas pumped in the German PSG. stink – The most expensive buildings in the entire European Union and buildings cover approximately a quarter of the river gas supply to the FRN. Yakshcho up to 1 zhovtnya rіven їkh zapovnennya vdasya bring up to 80 vіdsotkіv, and up to 1 leaf fall – up to 90 vіdsotkіv, as a result of the law, that having gained rank 30 kvіtnya, then Nіmechchina will see in the winter with suttєvim pіdrakhuvannyam.

“Because of this, the Germans respectfully strove for a show of new ones to infect with a coronavirus, now their respect is tied up to the level of filling of gas pipelines”, – states the newspaper Handelsblatt. This rіveny yakraz until 11 limes can become approximately 65 vіdsotkіv, scho you'll see, more for everything, less than 13 limes, shards of BNetzA sound publish your data with a midday lag.

Gazprom has confirmed the Pivnіchny potіk. For 10 days, how long?

Etzel gas storage at the pivnіchny entrance of Nіmechchini – one of the largest in the FRN

65 vіdsotkіv – tse promizhna meta, yaku planned to reach 1 sickle, schob protyazh autumn to stay on the task of the new law of show. In this way, pumping into the PSG has still gone ahead of schedule, prote її tempi through the prophylactic groove of the Pivnіchnogo flow, which is better for everything, to decrease.

If you want, from the other side, there are real chances that the download will still continue, let it be more. In the meantime, gas supplies from the Netherlands and Belgium from the cob of linden have increased, according to the publication of BNetzA graphics. The Netherlands exports part of the wet bottle and pumps up to the FRN regasification at the port of Rotterdam gas accumulations, LNG Nіmechchina also imports through the Belgian terminal. the hour of the dawn of the Pivnіchnogo stream, it will be possible, as before, to pump Norwegian gas.

Tim more, that in Nіmechchinі is gaining chivalry of the ninth global national campaign to save energy and especially gas, which began in the first days of the worm, and hoarded like crafts and business, and home government. However, the reduction in gas began to fall to the price of the campaign, just through too high prices and changed over the first six months of 2022 by approximately 14 tons. In the next hour, perhaps, it will speed up even more, shards of the 8 linden legislators of the FRN have finally solidified the law that allows you to temporarily remove coal-fired power plants from the reserve, so that you can reduce gas consumption as much as possible during the generation of electricity

Vugіlnі power plants do harm to ecology and climate, at the same time to help save gas

In this manner, the upcoming ten-day preventive maintenance of the Pivnіchnogo stream will become for Nіmechchini a kind of rehearsal of life without Russian gas. And if in the 20th of the linden, the level of filling of the German gas pipelines will approach the sign of 70 vdsotkiv, then we will re-convert the signal that the accumulation of Russian gas has already significantly decreased.

If you look like a truncated person, you will be relieved of the pressure and, perhaps, bring down the quotation on the spot gas market. Moreover, in Nimechchyna, the calls to try to work on Russian gas may sound again, but earlier, lower in the middle of 2024, as they plan to have in Berlin at once. the work of Pivnіchnogo potok, you will become a signal for the order, the business of the population of Nіmechchini, to sharply improve the regime of protection, so that the most efficient way to win the heat of 2022, which is out of stock, is to prepare for the big winter for the minds of a severe gas deficit. There will be a signal before the residual transition of the NFR in the supra-extreme energy situation.