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Gaza: the emergencies of the al-Shifa hospital are “  a bloodbath», according to the WHO | Middle East, the eternal conflict

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Al-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza in early November. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

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The emergency department of Al-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza, devastated by Israeli bombings, is “a bloodbath”, deplored the World Health Organization (WHO) on Sunday. She believes that the establishment, which is the largest hospital in the Palestinian territory, needs “to be resuscitated”.

A team from the World Health Organization and other UN agencies was able to deliver medical equipment Saturday at the hospital.

Tens of thousands of displaced people have taken refuge within the hospital complex, underlines a WHO press release published on Sunday. He indicates that drinking water and food are lacking.

“The team [who visited the hospital] described the emergency department as 'a bloodbath,' with hundreds of injured patients inside and new patients arriving every minute,” says the WHO.

She adds that patients suffering from trauma were sutured to the ground and that the means to manage pain are very limited, if not non-existent.

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A humanitarian delegation led by the WHO visiting Al-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza in November. (Archive photo)

Middle East, the eternal conflict

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Middle East, the eternal conflict

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The hospital is only functioning at a minimum and with a very reduced team and critical patients are transferred to Ahli Arab hospital for surgical procedures.

The operating theaters are no longer functioning due to lack of oxygen and, according to the WHO team, the hospital itself needs resuscitation. Only 30 patients can be dialyzed.

The entire health infrastructure in the Gaza Strip is hit hard by the bombings and ground operations carried out by the army Israeli territory since the unprecedented Hamas attack on Israeli territory on October 7.

This attack left 1,140 dead, mostly civilians, and more than 240 hostages were taken to the Gaza Strip by the Islamic movement.

Since then, the Israeli army has relentlessly bombed the densely populated Palestinian territory. According to the Palestinian Hamas government, it has caused 18,800 deaths since the start of the war, 75% of them children.

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Ambulances in front of Al-Shifa hospital. (File photo).

Israel accuses Hamas of using certain hospitals – which have special protective status under the laws of war – to hide weapons or install command posts underground.

WHO is ready to strengthen Al-Shifa Hospital in the coming weeks so that it can once again perform its basic functions.

Up to 20 hospital operating rooms as well as post-operative care services can be activated if they are regularly supplied with fuel, oxygen, medicines, food and water , underlines the WHO. More staff will also be needed to provide care.

At present, Ahli Arab is the only partially functioning hospital in the entire north from the Gaza Strip. Three hospital establishments are only functioning at a minimum, namely Al-Shifa, Al-Awda and Al-Sahaba. Before the war, there were 24.

The WHO also expressed its concern about the Kamal Adwan hospital.

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Palestinian refugees in front of Al-Shifa hospital in northern Gaza.

On Saturday, the Israeli army announced that it had discovered weapons and arrested around 80 Hamas members in the area of ​​this northern hospital. Gaza Strip.

Soldiers arrested around 80 terrorists, destroyed terrorist infrastructure and located numerous weapons, according to the Gaza Strip. army, which specified that medical personnel had been questioned.

According to the military, personnel admitted that weapons were hidden in incubators supposed to be used for premature babies.

Hamas denounced a horrible massacre in the hospital. He said that the Israeli army destroyed the tents of the displaced people who had taken refuge there with bulldozers, which led to a number of deaths.

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