Gauleiter in Ukraine reported the death of two “top Wagnerians”

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Gauleiter in Ukraine reported the death of two

Illustrative photo from open sources

The chief Gauleiter of Zaporizhzhia, Volodymyr Rogov, claims that the head of the CWC "Wagner" Evgeny Prigozhin and commander of “Wagner” Dmytro Utkin died, the Mash Telegram channel reports.

“… communicated with outstanding “musicians” They confirm the fact of the death of Eugene Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin, — said Rogov.

In Russian Federation a military plane crashed in Tver region. As the Telegram channel “112” reports, 7 people died.

Earlier it was reported that it was not a military plane that crashed in Russia, but the plane of the head of the “Wagner” PvC. Evgenia Prigozhin.

There were 10 people on board the crashed Embraer: seven passengers and three crew members. Among them was the head of PMC “Wagner” Evgenia Prigozhina.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych