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 united in caucus & agrave; lectoral

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The Bloc members and their leader, Yves-François Blanchet are meeting in caucus in Saguenay.

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“Will it last another year and a half, I have doubts”, convinced that Justin Trudeau's government will not last until the end of its mandate, Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet is already starting to court voters. Meeting in caucus in Saguenay, the Bloc members adopted a pre-election slogan which goes as follows: “Trustworthy”. A few words which, we hope, will sow a first seed in the heads of voters.

When I go to the dentist I don't necessarily understand what makes me, but I trust my dentist, said the Bloc leader to illustrate the confidence he wishes to inspire in voters: People in general don't analyze the details of a budget, they don't know how health transfers work, people ultimately trust someone, he continues.

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The leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet believes that his slogan will have time to mature in the heads of voters before the elections.

We have time to have discussions, post messages and speak to voters before actually being in the campaign.

A quote from Yves-François Blanchet, leader of the Bloc Québécois

And the Bloc leader believes he has time to convey his message and encourage reflection. According to him, a prolonged pre-campaign will take place through the parliamentary work which resumes on Monday in the House of Commons and he does not want to miss his chance to stand out against his adversaries: the extreme of multiculturalism of the Liberals and the extreme to let people buy into Conservative conspiracy theories, Quebecers don't recognize themselves in that, so the issue of trust will be expressed in the voting booth, he said in an interview with Radio-Canada. /p>

And this is not the only indicator that the electoral battle is brewing. If the Bloc Québécois decided to hold its caucus in the Chicoutimi-le-Fjord riding, it is because it is the only one of the three Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean ridings that escaped the Bloc in 2021 and that 'they now believe in their chance to wrest it from conservative Richard Martel.

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The Bloc Québécois holds two of the three ridings in the region. Alexis Brunelle-Duceppe is MP for Lac-Saint-Jean and Mario Simard, MP for Jonquière

In front of his activists, Yves François Blanchet does not hesitate to say that it is one of the constituencies that is at the top of his electoral priority list. And if he brandishes the weapon of confidence to conquer it, the Conservatives will play the power card.

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Everyone looks to the winners. Everyone likes winning.

A quote from Richard Martel, Conservative MP, Chicoutimi-Le-Fjord

Met in his riding office, located just over a kilometer from where the Bloc members are gathered, the Conservative MP shows unshakeable confidence. People tell me… Richard, you have a good chance of taking power in the next elections and we would have a deputy in power, he says.

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Conservative Richard Martel believes that voters will be seduced by the possibility of having an MP in power.

Inflated by the popularity and speech of his leader, he even believes in the chances of making gains in Saguenay by chasing the Bloc members out of the Jonquière riding. In Jonquière, it is workers who need their vehicle who need their gasoline pickup truck, as they say, who work hard and who want to have more in their pocket, explains the MP, a former hockey coach, who enjoys a strong reputation in the region for having led the Chicoutimi Saguenéens. It takes a candidate that people like and I support him, then there will be a snowball effect, he believes.

Both parties are already talking about well-advanced discussions with potential candidates. It’s true that things are being organized, there is behind-the-scenes work, notes Denis Bouchard, the former general director of the newspaper Le Quotidien in Chicoutimi. And the former journalist also believes that the attraction of power will have weight in the balance: We are thirsty for projects and the prospect of being in power, it will be hard to beat, it is an asset for Richard Martel , he explains.

But Pierre Poilievre will have to adjust his message if he wants to make gains in the region and he will not be able to give the same speech here as in the central regions of Canada, according to Denis Bouchard. First, because it is a region which has cleaned up its environmental footprint, Rio Tinto, for example, will produce green aluminum there. But also because the very right-wing discourse is unlikely to reach voters. There is an important progressive nationalist background here, we must not forget it, he recalls.

If on the battlefield prepares and it is very difficult for the moment to predict the choice of voters, Denis Bouchard is unequivocal, it will be a battle between blues. One thing is certain, love for Mr. Trudeau will not return to Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, he concludes.

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