Gastroenterologist Alexey Paramonov dispelled the myth about the benefits of semolina

Gastroenterologist Alexey Paramonov called semolina one of the most harmful products in the kitchen. Medic dispelled the myth about the use of “Polanyi” from soft wheat, which in the past were given to seriously ill due to the lack of nutrient mixtures.

Гастроэнтеролог Алексей Парамонов развеял миф о пользе манной каши

Previously semolina consumed with butter, sugar or jam for recuperation. To some extent this was justified because this “dish” to satisfy the hunger and give energy due to the caloric content. However, in modern conditions to adopt semolina makes no sense. The fact that in recent years, locomotor activity decreased because of technology development. Therefore, people need to reduce the consumption of high-calorie foods to prevent obesity. Today, the use of decoys is justified only if the deficit of body weight.

Alexei Paramonov told about the existence of useful grains of durum wheat, which is used in industrial production. This semolina will benefit health, but it tastes bad. Gastroenterologist advises to abandon this cereal unless you want to gain weight.

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