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Exemption from the gasoline tax ;enjoys some Manitobans

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The measure relating to the gas tax is the one that the provincial government wanted to put in place first. (Archive photo)


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Some Manitobans are welcoming the imminent implementation of the Manitoba New Democratic Party's (NDP) promised temporary gas tax repeal, scheduled for January 1.

Until June 2024, the provincial government will suspend the 14 cents per liter tax on gasoline and diesel.

Manitobans, like Mike Miclash, are excited about the savings they will be able to make over the next year.

It will reduce the cost of living, such as buying groceries, filling up vehicles and traveling to work, says Mike Miclash .

For his part, the owner of the trucking company Golden Temple Transport in Manitoba, Kuldip Singh, explains that it is a good thing for his business which buys around 200,000 liters of fuel per month.

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We welcome this decision, especially for trucking companies like ours , right now.

A quote from Kuldip Singh, owner of Golden Temple Transport

Mr. Singh hopes the tax break will continue beyond six months because everyone will benefit.

Facing criticism from the x27;progressive conservative opposition, an amendment to the bill was also made in December to include the reduction of the 3 cents per liter tax on gasoline used in agricultural equipment.

The provincial fuel tax reduction law, introduced in November, was promised by the NDP during the last election campaign.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">This exemption is expected to save the average Manitoba family approximately $250 during the six-month tax holiday.

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