Gary Oldman (Harry Potter, The Dark Knight) announces this sad news

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American-British actor, director, producer and screenwriter, Gary Oldman is a real man with a passion. do everything to; Hollywood. His career was rich and full of success, but at the expense of his career. almost 65 years old, he sees his future differently.

Gary Oldman (Harry Potter, The Dark Knight) announces this sad news

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An extremely rich career…

At the age of 64, with over 40 career including dozens of films and a few series to his credit, is it still useful to present the excellent Gary Oldman?Having started his film career in 1982 in the film Remembrance, he mainly made himself known to the general public in the 90s by multiplying the roles of cult villains, from the assassin of JFK in the film dedicated to to the latter in 1991, to Coppola's Dracula (1992), via the whimsical Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element (1997).

But in the eyes of many, Gary Oldman is obviously Sirius Black, the godfather of Harry Potter in the film saga adapted from the novels by JK Rowling. He also performed; Sergeant, Lieutenant and then Commissioner Gordon in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, and is currently on the job. the poster of the Apple TV+ series Slow Horses,whose season 2 will be released in December. He plays Jackson Lamb, the director of the “Slough House”, a division in which are sent the rejects of MI5.And this role could well be one of the last of his career; re.

Gary Oldman (Harry Potter, The Dark Knight) announces this sad news

… about to end

When we know success and sometimes it rises to our hearts. head, it can be hard to know when to hang up before it's too late. In any case, this is what the film industry, among others, regularly proves to us. Is Gary Oldman the exception? the rule? In any case, it seems that this is the case, since he does not see himself as an actor for a very long time and already evokes; his old age away from the cameras.

I had an enviable career, but careers decline andI have other things that interest me outside of acting.When you're young you think you're going to be able to do anything – read this book, [etc] – and then the years pass. I'm 64, 70 is approaching, and I don't want to be active anymore when I turn 80. I would be very happy, honored! and privileged to leave as Jackson Lamb and then hang up.

– Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman (Harry Potter, The Dark Knight) announces this sad news

< p>Gary Oldman looks determined; and seems to have thought about the question, therefore it risks disappearing from our screens in the coming years. see if he'll play Jackson Lamb again in future seasons of Slow Horses.In the meantime, you can find him alongside Cilian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon or Robert Downey Jr. in Oppenheimer, the next feature film by Christopher Nolan scheduled for 2023. Anyway, the most attentive will notice that Gary Oldman’s announcement isn’t really come as a surprise, sincethe 60-year-old star already had; mentioned the possibility of from early retirement to several times. We told you about it; right here.