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Garlic sowing calendar for 2024: when and where to plant

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr7,2024

Garlic sowing calendar for 2024: when and where to plant

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In the world of gardening, garlic is known not only for its distinctive taste and beneficial properties, but also for its certainty of harvest if planted properly. Proper planting of garlic is an important step in growing this useful crop.

Garlic is not just a vegetable, it is a symbol of strength and endurance in gardening, which has served as a faithful assistant to gardeners all over the world for centuries. Let's look together at the key aspects of planting garlic that will help you get a bountiful and tasty harvest.

Garlic Planting Calendar

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  • What to plant near garlic
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  • Calendar when to plant garlic

    Many gardeners choose the date for planting taking into account the lunar calendar, because it is a useful auxiliary tool in agriculture. However, it is worth remember the climatic conditions of your region, to ensure successful cultivation.

    Garlic is a relatively undemanding crop in terms of growing conditions. It can be planted in spring, when the soil temperature rises to +5 degrees Celsius or slightly higher.

    Even if slight frosts are expected, after a few days in the soil, garlic will take root well. However, please note that depending on the region, the optimal time for landing may differ, therefore, it is important to follow the local schedule.

    To begin with, the best time to plant garlic is on the waning moon. In April, it will be from the 1st to the 11th or from the 28th to the 30th. According to the gardeners' calendar, the best days for planting garlic in April will be: 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 14, 18, 19, 25, 26, 28.

    Garlic sowing calendar for 2024: when and where to plant

    What to plant near garlic

    Garlic, in addition to being a useful vegetable in cooking, also has antibacterial and fungicidal properties, thanks to which it can fight pathogenic microflora and scare away various pests, such as snails, mice, moles and others.

    It is also known that garlic helps to increase the yield of other plants,especially if they are planted next to each other. Garlic is usually planted in rows in order to efficiently use the area of ​​the bed and increase the yield. Here are some crops that are best planted next to garlic to increase vegetable yields:

    • Tomatoes. Garlic protects tomatoes from various pests and diseases, such as aphids, mites, rust and late blight. In addition, it helps to increase the size and quality of fruits. It is recommended to plant garlic at a distance of at least half a meter from tomatoes.
    • Cucumbers. Garlic helps to protect cucumbers from various diseases and pests, in particular, from cabbage rot, bacteriosis and aphids. Planting garlic next to cucumbers helps to obtain the maximum yield. It is recommended to plant at a distance of half a meter between plants.
    • Carrots and beets. Garlic helps repel various pests such as flies, slugs and aphids from these vegetables. It can be planted both next to and in the rows with these vegetables.
    • Dill, parsley and other greens. This is an ideal neighborhood for garlic, as it grows the largest next to these crops.
    • Strawberries. Garlic can be planted next to strawberries to protect the bushes from pests. It is recommended to plant garlic in an area next to strawberries for best results.
    • Raspberries and currants. Garlic helps protect bushes from aphids and spider mites, and repels slugs and ants. It is recommended to plant garlic next to these crops.
    • Flowers. Tulips, roses, calendula and other flowers can be planted next to garlic to protect against fungal diseases and pests.
    • Potatoes, eggplants and peppers. Garlic protects these vegetables from the Colorado potato beetle and late blight, and also helps increase their yield.

    Garlic sowing calendar for 2024: when and where to plant

    How to prepare garlic for planting

    Before planting garlic, it is important to prepare it properly. Sort the teeth, choosing the best and thickest ones. Then wrap them in a damp cloth and leave them for a week in a cool place, for example, in the refrigerator.

    The day before planting soak the cloves in cold water for 12 hours. Some gardeners additionally treat garlic with manganese water or growth stimulants, but this is up to you.

    When planting in open ground in the spring, consider the following points: the depth of planting cloves should be 3 – 4 centimeters, the distance between them – 5 – 6 centimeters, and between the beds – 15 – 20 centimeters. Make sure the soil is loose and moist before planting. If the soil seems not loose enough, add sand or ash to the grooves before planting.

    After planting the cloves, it is recommended to mulch the beds with a layer of sawdust, wood shavings or straw. This will help protect plantings from unexpected frosts, prevent the growth of weeds, retain moisture in the soil and prevent it from drying out. Do not press the teeth into the soil, do not sprinkle them with earth and refrain from covering the plantings with film.

    Garlic sowing calendar for 2024: when and where to plant

    Folk omens, when to plant garlic

    According to folk omens, the optimal time for planting garlic in the garden is after the Feast of the Annunciation, when, according to belief, the Lord himself blesses the land. In 2024, the date of this holiday falls on March 25 according to the new calendar and April 7 according to the old one. Until this date comes, folk wisdom advises to refrain from sowing. However, for a more accurate determination of the moment when to plant garlic, it is better to be guided by weather conditions to avoid mistakes.

    Next, we will name a few folk signs related to garlic:

    • When small troubles haunt you day after day, according to the signs, you need to take garlic grown by yourself, peel it, chop it, wrap it in a piece of cloth and carry it with you in your pocket until everything returns to normal.
    • Going to traveling by water, fishing, you should take 3-5 heads of garlic with you, because it is believed that they can protect the ship from holes.
    • Garlic will also help you win any competition. To do this, you should eat a few cloves of garlic before the event.
    • In order not to rob the house, you should hang a few heads of garlic above the entrance door.
    • On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom hid cloves of garlic in their pockets very vegetable. In this way, they were protected from the evil eye and damage.
    • In order for the baby to sleep soundly and not cry at night, according to omens, he needs to put one tooth under the pillow.
    • Since ancient times, it was believed that that with the help of garlic you can get rid of many diseases, so it is recommended to eat it every day.
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