Gard: A major fire broke out at a Camargue campsite

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FIRE A fire on Thursday morning at a Camargue campsite destroyed 15 mobile homes and required the evacuation of 820 people

Gard  : A major fire broke out at a campsite in the Camargue

A fire at a campsite required the intervention of 70 firefighters and 29 emergency vehicles. — SDIS 30

A major fire has broken out; in a Camargue campsite near; Saint-Laurent d’Aigouze (Gard), Thursday. The firefighters intervened in the early morning to try to come to; end of the fire that broke out around 5am and ravaged the 15 mobile homes and burned down several cars, according to our colleagues from Midi Libre.

Nearly 820 people were killed. evacuated and placed in the municipal gymnasium. The intervention which requires an important device composed of of 70 firefighters and 29 emergency vehicles, must still last several hours.