Game of Thrones: this actress left the series because of the erection of a horse

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Game of Thrones has gathered millions of fans to across the planet. The adaptation of the literary saga created by George R.R. of fans. But did you know that during the filming of the beginning of the series the actors were not the same as those we were able to follow during the eight seasons? And one of the performers has just opened up about his experience which pushed him to to leaving production.

Game of Thrones: This actress has left the series because of the erection of a horse

An experiment that turned nightmare cause of a horse

Indeed, if everyone knows Emilia Clarke as the interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen in the series Game of Thrones, you should know that during the filming of the first pilot of the show broadcast. on HBO, she didn't play the role. Indeed, it was Tamzin Merchant who had been chosen to play the character.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she returned to her experience in production. According to his remarks, which date from last January, On the occasion of the release of her novel, the interested party explained that the filming of this pilot had been a veritable hell to because of a horse on the set. Indeed, she explains that she absolutely did not want to continue the adventure to the point of wanting to break his contract:

Shooting this pilot was a great lesson. It was an affirmation of my instincts as I followed them and tried to disengage. People convinced me to come back. But I found myself naked and scared by a horse in Morocco who was clearly more excited than I was. than me.

For production purposes, while filming this pilot, the team had decided; to “excite” the animal to be as faithful as possible to the author's novel. Thus, when the scene, which everyone knows, between Daenerys and Drogo, incarnated, by Jason Momoa, was turned, the horse displayed an erection.

Game of Thrones: This actress quit the show due to erection of a horse

If this episode put Tamzin Merchant off, it is for another reason that the public did not discover it in the series GoT:

I had no acting experience and only had my instincts. It's the stories and the characters that interest me. And for me, Game of Thrones did not answer it.

However, it recognizes all the talent of the one who replaced it; afterwards:

I think we have to give credit to Emilia Clarke for making this role iconic. She wanted to tell her story and she was epic and excellent.

Finally, the production heard from the actress because Tamzin Merchant was not; recalled for making the second pilot in the series.