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Game of Thrones: these actions cost these 7 characters dearly

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun27,2024

Game of Thrones is a universe where strategy and mischief reign. A world that leaves little room for change. the mistake. Westeros acts as a political seesaw where conspiracies are everywhere, and where are they? each choice must be carefully thought out otherwise you will end up with your head cut off, on a pyre, in the dungeons or at best forced to die. exile. Although appreciated or taken with affection, the following characters have all done so. a moment of questionable choices that put them in dangerous situations, or which for some, simply led them to harm. death.

Game of Thrones: these actions cost these 7 characters dearly


Shae was a sex worker who quickly became Tyrion Lannister's lover and confidante. Although her life is in danger due to her relationship with the nobleman, Shae remains dedicated to saving her life. Tyrion, until that she wants to formalize their union. Impossible thing. It is then that the character initially appreciates becomes simply unbearable.The climax is reached when she testifies against her loverduring the trial following Joffrey's death. And as if that wasn't enough Tyrion finds her in her father's bed&àgrave; the end of season 4. Two stab wounds in the back which pushes the last of the Lannisters to death; strangle her, relieving the entire fanbase in the process.

Game of Thrones: these actions cost these 7 dearly characters

#6 OLLY 

Olly is introduced in season 4 when the wildlings march on Chateaunoir, and attack an isolated village on the road. Olly's father is killed there. shot with an arrow by Ygrid while her mother is massacred. Sent taken to the Wall by the Wildlings in order to prevent the Night's Watch, he joins the ranks of Jon Snow and the guardians of the Wall. But when the latter becomes Lord Commander and decides to ally himself with the Wildlings to stop the threat of the White Walkers, the young boy sees red, and participates in the attack. his murder. It is he who gives him the final stab. We also remember that it is he who kills Ygrid at the end of the day. Châteaunoir earlier in the series, with a well-placed arrow. Enough to attract the wrath of fans.

Game of Thrones: these actions cost these 7 characters dearly


Faithful servant and protector of Daenerys Targaryen (and secretly in love with her), Jorah Mormont will have defended his queen until &àgrave; his death. However, one action almost cost him dearly. We learn thatin reality, Jorah Mormont was an informant of Robert Baratheon, sent to to spy on Daenerys, this in order to cleanse his honor (He was driven from his lands and exiled to the Free Cities of Essos after being caught selling slaves ). But at the time of his confession, he had already ceased for a long time to inform the crown of the actions of the Khaleesi.

Game of Thrones: these actions cost these 7 characters dearly

#4 lord VARYS

Without Varys,akathe spider, the political chessboard of Westeros would have been changed. much less mobile and exciting to follow. The master of the kingdom's whisperers under Robert Baratheon and then Joffrey Baratheon knew everything that was going on in the continent and beyond. thanks to his spies. Seeing Joffrey and the Lannisters leading Westeros towards a disastrous situation, he ensured that the Targaryens could return to power by fleeing with Tyrion to their home country. Essos, in order to serve Daenerys. But Varys is a free electron. He follows his own interests and is a hardened idealist. He then does not hesitate to foment plots to remove this or that leader if he believes that the people will not be happy. And it is this form of versatility which leads him to his loss, after having betrayed Daenerys.

Game of Thrones: these actions cost these 7 characters dearly


No Catelyn Stark is not an antagonist. On the contrary. The wolf received sympathy from fans for defending her offspring: her sons and daughters after the death of her husband Ned Stark in season 1. But it is certainly this love that led him to make bad choices, and caused his loss, just like his son. By freeing Jaime Lannister, then a valuable prisoner of the Starks, in the hope of getting her daughters back, she loses her son's trust and creates a chain reaction that will see a party allies of the “King in the North” doubt their king, and finally participate in his fall. When you think about it, there's something to be angry about.

Game of Thrones: these actions cost these 7 characters dearly


The female counterpart of Lord Varys. The matriarch of Highgarden was highly regarded for her enormous influence on the political chessboard (she participated in the murder of Joffrey Baratheon) and her words, as sharp as a blade, delighted viewers. The one who knew how to gain the respect of all, did everything she could to make her granddaughter, Margaery, the queen of Westeros. A successful mission. But through plotting, loudly proclaiming her political opinions and greedy for power, the “Queen of Thorns”She put herself in a delicate position, and everything turned against her. the death of his grandchildren, until the excellent sequence from episode 3 of season 7, where she spits her last venom in front of a Jaime for whom we took a liking earlier in the series.

Game of Thrones: these actions cost these 7 characters dearly


We were all for Robb Stark and more broadly for the North during the War of the Five Kings. Everyone wanted to see the death of their father Ned Stark avenged. But the young wolf made a series of bad decisions which led him to a dangerous situation. his loss: he first executed Rickard Karstark, losing a whole contingent of men in the process, then betrayed his alliance with Walder Frey by refusing to marry one of these girls for a love marriage with Talisa  Maegyr, a young woman from the nobility of Volantis. Two very costly mistakes.

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