Game of Thrones: after House of the Dragon, these five spin-offs that we are impatiently awaiting

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After the excellent series House of the Dragon, which reconciled all Game of Thrones fans, even the most disappointed with Season 8, HBO are hard at work to the creation of many other spin-offs around the work of George R.R. Martin. Here are the five we're most looking forward to. =”Game of Thrones: after House of the Dragon, these five impatiently awaited spin-offs” />

Please note: each of these five projects would be released, if produced, after season 2 of House of the Dragon, scheduled for 2024.

< h2>#1 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The House of the Dragon series showed how the violent History of Westeros was rich enough to draw from it other series just as intense as Game of Thrones. Among the works of the fantasy writer who ask only to be To be adapted, there is of courseThe Chronicles of the Knight Errant, which recounts the adventures of Ser Duncan the Great, nicknamed; Dunk, and his squire, Aegon Targaryen, The Œuf (Egg, in English), 90 years before the rise of Daenerys Targaryen. Fans of Game of Thronesobviously know the name of argon Targaryen, since he is the brother of Maester Aemon, whom he mentions in the parent series.

Game of Thrones: after House of the Dragon, these five spin-offs we are impatiently awaiting

Its adaptation would therefore be titled A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, or The Hedge Knight, HBO still hesitating on the title according to George R.R. Martin. a release of this second spin-off before season 2 of House of the Dragon, the series is a priority. Absolute for HBO according to Variety. We should also remember that George R.R. Martin authorizes the chain to adapt only the three short novels already Writings (The Knight ErrantThe Bond Swordand The Dragon Egg). Two other books are planned: The She-Wolf of Winterfell and The Village Hero. We will have to wait for their official release for HBO to adapt them too. Anyway, we are very impatient to discover this new project; however, since its announcement in January 2021, there has been no news about it. communicated. We do not know for the moment the talents that are linked to this very promising project. 

#2 Sea Snake

< p>ÉAlso reported by Variety, Sea Snake is another of the most promising projects HBO and George R.R. Martin are working on. . Fans of House of the Dragon will undoubtedly recognize in the title the nickname of Corlys Velaryon, an important character from the first Game of Thrones spin-off. >, which is called the Serpent of the Seas. It is unknown, however, if Steve Toussaint will reprise his role in this second series. png” alt=”Game of Thrones: after House of the Dragon, these five spin-offs that we are impatiently awaiting” />

However, Sea Snake could everything has become one of the most interesting projects around the universe of George R.R. Martin. Directed by Bruno Heller (the showrunner of Rome, one of the channel 's biggest series), Sea Snake >could either tell about the adventurous youth of Corlys Velaryon (and thus take us to other regions of the Known World that we have not yet seen on screen), or even tell< strong>the battles of the Sea Serpent in the Stone Steps, between episodes 7 and 8 of House of the Dragon. Well, and then let's face it: we really want to have a series where one would hear more often the magnificent theme of the Velaryon, composed of by Ramin Djawadi. 

#3 10,000 Ships 

If HBO decided; of abandoned his series The Long Nightwith Naomi Watts, dealing with the birth of the White Walkers, thehe channel is eager to explore the ancient history of Game of Throneswith the series 10,000 Ships, set 1,000 years beforeGame of Thrones, and tellsthe story of the creation of Dorne by Princess Nymeria . Fans of Game of Thrones have necessarily already heard the name of Nymeria, since it is at agrave; both worn by Arya Stark's wolf and by Nymeria Sand, one of Dornish prince Oberyn Martell's bastards.

Game of Thrones: after House of the Dragon, these five spin-offs we are impatiently awaiting

Besides telling a story of epic conquest, 10,000 Shipsis an opportunity for HBO to develop a series entirely carried by a female character. In addition, the series would finally allow us to discover the Rhoynar civilization, present in the title of the King of the Seven Kingdoms. 

#4 The Golden Empire

Game of Thrones: after House of the Dragon, these five spin-offs we are waiting for looking forward

Remember: in episode 9 of House of the Dragon, while they are at Argon's search for Targaryen to put him on the Iron Throne, his brother Aemond “One-Eye” Targaryen brings up the possibility of that he was captured and sent to Yi Ti.A very subtle way to get fans excited about an anime series project, titledThe Golden Empire, and which will deal with this region of Essos inspired by imperial China. In a blog post dated March 9, 2022, writer George R.R. Martin confided that the project had been entrusted to a “young screenwriter” and anticipated that the series would be visually “beautiful“. AlloCiné evokes other words of the author, according to which “the first visuals are breathtaking“. Enough to excite our impatience even more!

#5 Snow 

Game of Thrones: after House of the Dragon, these five spin-offs we're waiting for looking forward

Announced in June 2022 in The Hollywood ReporterSnow is a spin-off that no one expected : a sequence of Game of Thrones centered on Jon Snow’s wanderings in the North, after having been exiled to the end of the parent series, following the the assassination of Daenerys Targaryen. Kit Harrington would reprise his role. If Snow is perhaps the most challenging project among all those we have mentioned, our curiosity of journalists pushes us to eagerly awaiting HBO's proposal

And you? What Game of Thrones projects are you most looking forward to? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments section.And to discover this French author of fantasy that Netflix and Disney+ are tearing up to counter HBO and House of the Dragon, it's is over here.