Gallese asks to stop talking about the Australian goalkeeper: “A goal is going to be believed”

Gallese asks to stop talking about the Australian goalkeeper: “A goal is going to be believed”

Pedro Gallese, captain of the Peruvian national team, referred to Australia's goalkeeper, Andrew Redmayne, and asked not to mention him, because it could be believed to be a goal.

Gallese asks to stop talking about the Australia goalkeeper: “He is going to believe a goal”

Pedro Gallese referred to the performance of Andrew Redmayne, goalkeeper of Australia. (Photo: EFE/FPF)

The Peruvian team lost in the penalty kick round against Australia, in the playoff to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, with the presence of an unexpected protagonist: goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne entered in the last minute of extra time and saved Alex Valera's key penalty. A week after that match, Pedro Gallese referred to the rival goalkeeper.

Initially, the goalkeeper and captain of the 'Blanquirroja ' assured that it was not a problem that the Australian player had withdrawn his notes. “It didn't make any difference (running out of grades). He had already studied everything and the bottle or the leaf was just something extra, nothing more. I had everything in my head”, explained the ‘Octopus’ in an interview for Canal N.

Then, Gallese asked to stop bringing up the Andrew Redmayne subject, despite everything that happened. “I don't think we should give that goalkeeper much importance. We are mentioning it so much that even he can believe it is a goalkeeper”, said Pedro.

In the same way, the goalkeeper of the Peruvian team lamented the negative outcome of the penalty shootout in the repechage: “We failed, we crashed the ball into the post and the other one covered it. It was almost the same as me, because I also saved one”.

Finally, Pedro Gallese referred to Redmayne's style under the three poles and compared it to his performance. “I wish him the best in the World Cup. It's his way of covering up and if his way is to do it with strange things, it only remains in him. I have always characterized myself as a serious goalkeeper, who always gives a good image and always will be”, he stated.

Pedro Gallese in the Qualifiers

Throughout the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, Pedro Gallese played all 18 matches with the Peruvian team and was vital with his interventions. Although the 'Octopus' received 26 goals, he also knew how to keep his goal undefeated five times, a circumstance that was key to reaching the playoffs.