Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung's most unique and futuristic mobile

Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung's most unique and futuristic mobile

Samsung has learned from the mistakes of the first Galaxy Fold and has included a multitude of interface improvements, an impressive design and a system so that no dirt enters through the hinge

Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung's most unique and futuristic mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was an impressive phone that was almost born dead from the multitude of problems it gave to journalists who were able to test it before its launch: it turns out that it was especially fragile, so much so that its launch had to be delayed and improvements made to its design. . It was not enough.

But the truth is that the first Galaxy Fold was not a phone that was going to be a bestseller: it was something aspirational, an idea executed to show that it could be done. With the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung is now saying that it is not only possible to make a folding phone, but it is possible to make it beautiful, powerful and, most importantly, useful.

In a sneak peek for journalists, Samsung has showcased the many improvements made to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, from applications that run full-screen using the entire 7.6-inch surface of its interior to better feature implementations that we all take for granted. , like the camera, for example. Since the phone has an interior and an exterior screen, it is possible to take selfies by showing the photo in real time.

Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung's most unique and futuristic mobile

It's these details that make the Galaxy Z Fold 2 seem like a less weird phone that can actually be used as normal for work or play. Depending on what we are doing, the phone will adapt, starting with the fluidity of the screen.

If we are reading a text, its screen that reaches up to 120 hertz, will reduce the frequency with which it updates the image to consume less battery. And in the same way, if you are playing a video game, the frequency will be increased to the maximum possible to make it as fluid as possible.

And in the event that you do not want to use the mobile with the body open, the outer screen is perfect for handling it. Being closed, the mobile is much thicker, but it is also easier to maneuver with just one hand on its thinner and somewhat smaller screen, as it is still 6.2 inches in a very elongated format.

Certainly, the screen system that Samsung has included in the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is impressive, not only because inside it is perfectly symmetrical and gigantic, only with a hole for the selfie camera; but also on the outside, as the screen occupies the entire body, with hardly any edges. It looks like a very futuristic device.

Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung's most unique and futuristic mobile

But in the past, this design was a serious problem: if a speck of dust got through the hinge of the phone, it could damage the interior screen. To solve this, Samsung has introduced a new, more compact and closed hinge system that also includes tiny dusters that expel dirt. Thus, nothing enters the fragile interior of the mobile.

Not everything is a screen on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, although looking at it closely, surely you can not think of anything else. It includes a Snapdragon 865 processor inside, which is surely an Exynos 990 in Spain (Samsung has not confirmed it yet); 12GB of RAM; 256GB of storage space (UFS 3.1, the fastest of the moment); and a battery with fast and wireless charging of 4,500mAh. Everything that can be asked of a high-end phone, although its capabilities we have not yet been able to put them to the test.

Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung's most unique and futuristic mobile

We leave the camera system for last, which includes three rear cameras (wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto) of 12 megapixels each, as well as two cameras for selfies: the one on the outer screen and the one on the inner screen, both 10MP. .

By the type of cameras included, it can be intuited that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will take photos similar to those of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, although it does not include a long-range zoom like this model. It does not look like this is going to be a leading device in this area, but it will know how to defend itself well both for recording and for taking good photos.

Samsung has even introduced several unique video recording modes to this model, such as figure tracking when recording with the phone sitting on your own body. They seem like a curiosity rather than something the end user will actively employ, but at least they leverage the phone's design for something new.

Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung's most unique and futuristic mobile

Mobile phones have hardly changed for years, they only reduce frames, minimally improve cameras and increase screen and battery, therefore, they are also immense. At the moment, it does not seem that the folding phone is going to become the new format to which all brands aspire, since only Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have tried to launch models with this new paradigm, all three with little success.

Samsung is leading the way with two models on the market that, while rare and only as luxury products, at least work and deliver on the promises of this new 'paradigm'. Much remains to be seen if they are really going to succeed or people are not going to be willing to pay 2.009 for a phone that folds, but on paper, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 marks the way forward and the minimum that these mobiles should guarantee They are beautiful, they are useful and you can show them off.

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