Gagauzis call Putin. Russia is ready for a friend of Pridnestrovie

Gagauzis call Putin. Russia is ready for a friend of Pridnestrovie

The Gagauzians call Putin Russia. ;i

The Moldavian autonomy of Gagauzia needs to hold protests over the month. The organizers sing: the actions have an exclusively social character, but at the hour of the demonstrations, the protesters may call Putin.

On April 27, Moldova celebrates Independence Day, and on the same day, protesters from Gagauzia can move to Chisinau. Their organizers are pro-Russian politicians who speak out against President Maia Sandu and the Moldovan order. With shouts, throw off the government, step out of house arrest and the last president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, who sounds like a sovereign state.

Rallies near Gagauzia take place on a skin scale, are caused by dissatisfaction with high prices, and are carried out to praise Putin and Russia. Protests are held near three Gagauz towns and activists are led by President Maya Sandu to go to Moscow, worry about the price of gas. The largest: Comrat, Chadir-Lunga, Vulcanesti.

Gagauzi< /strong>– Turkic people, to that Turechchina will remember the role of their self-identity. But Orthodoxy follows the Turks, the Gagauzians, to which Russia can have a significant spit on them.

Gagauzia is a way to nightmare Moldova

In the lower minds, if Moldova is stricken with economic problems and the humanitarian crisis of the refugees through the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, for autumn and the opal season, it is checked here for anxiety. Russia is blackmailing Chisinau with a contract with “Gazprom”, which was laid down by the past fate. We transfer payment for gas for a month ahead and that damn embargo on the supply of Moldovan agricultural products, supplied to Russia for 15 days.

The Kremlin is more important than ever. In order to promote their interests in the region, they are exploiting nayavnі tirіchchya, pіdrivayuchi dovіru to pro-European power, єuroіntegrії, radicalizing the mood and provocative internal conflicts. Weakening the Romanian factor and discrediting Ukraine and її bіzhentsіv. For example, the StopFake video is systematically gaining respect, that the narrative about the “Romanian fascists” is one of the key ones for Russian propaganda in Moldova. Ale about all the troubles.

Gagauzis call Putin. /></p>
<p> Pro-Russian politicians constantly criticize the pro-European government of Moldova and President Sandu Photo: Nokta </p>
<p>The intensification of separatist sentiments is being overwhelmed by the beloved Russian tactics. There are two regions in Moldova, where it is possible to turn: the non-existence of Transnistria, de 30 years of a puppet regime, and the autonomous establishment of Gagauzia, as if it is left within the framework of the legal field and international law. And for the same reason, among the unknown Pridnestrovians, it has long been inscribed in the formula of a “frozen conflict”, the extortion of Gagauzia can be at once unsafe. If you say “cerebrations” of Pridnestrovie are accepted by Chisinau, and luminous sleep, as the voice of Moscow proxies, then Gagauzia will be recognized by territorial assentations, for which the constitution of Moldova will secure the rights of autonomy.</p>
<p>“At this folding moment of politics in Gagauzia, they do not work on the unity of the country, but instead, they work on the destabilization of the situation for the sake of special interests and in the interests of their curators from the Kremlin. I don’t tell a secret to anyone at once, saying that Maia Sandu, the PAS party and the Gavrilitsy order were demonized near Gagauzia, for good projects, if they are financed and financed from the central budget of the country, for example, like a new highway near Comrat» , – a quote from the Gagauz portal Nokta of the journalist Mihail Sirkeli.</p>
<h3><strong>Defend Moldova against the “Romanian fascists”</strong></h3>
<p>Among the organizers of anti-Uyadov rallies are the leaders of the Gagauz Republic, who awakened many fates after the collapse of the Radyansk Union (from 1990 to 1994). One of such LIDERIV, the head of the people's ZBOROV GAGAUZKO Autonomai, a member for the sake of Starishishin Mikhail Kindegelyan, announcing 2 zhovnits from the folk Obranzi Ryvniv, pd an hour of the Yaki Planning to the turechini, “ , as if firmly established, you can redeem Moldova at the time of entry of Russian Russia to Odessa region.</p>
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“We have information that Romania is ready to go to Moldova, just like Russia to enter the Odessa region. We are getting ready for what. At the same time, we elect the s & # 8217; zd deputies of the us rivniv (People's congresses, the municipal government, the parliament of Moldova), for any requested representatives of the OSCE, Russia and Turechchini, embassies of foreign powers. The decision about the holding of the Z’zda was praised by the People's Assembly (the Parliament of Gagauzia, – “Commander in Chief”). At the same time, we analyze the situation in the autonomy and those, like Chisinau victorious goiter, prescribed by the law on the special status of Gagauzia … Rumunians, as if they could, as in 1918, roci, occupy the territory of Moldova,” said Mikhail Kindegelyan.

Before the speech, another activist of the veterans of the Gagauz Republic Dmitro Zirov, during one hour of protest, declared that “This land (Gagauzia, – “Commander-in-Chief”) will calmly lie with Russia. “Slowly, the Russian Ivan pid im & # 8217; yam Volodymyr Volodymyrovich Putin come here, and mi yogo zstrinemo with tickets. Long live Russia!”, – saying vіn.

Gagauzis call Putin. Russia Ready for a friend of Pridnestrov

The Romanian theme is adapted for Moldova by the cliché of Russian propaganda about “Nazis”, which is inspired by fate. The Kremlin propagandists denigrate Romania, like a “fascist zagarbnik”, who wants to destroy Moldova, and their country (Russia) – like a guarantor of the world too soon. For this formula, indeed, the placement of Russian military and peacekeeping missions near Pridnestrov is true. alt=”Gagauzis call Putin. Russia is ready for a friend of Transnistria” />

Pro-Russian politicians are constantly slandering Moldovans and Gagauzians as “Romanian fascists”. Let's guess that Russia is occupying new territories under the drive of the fight against fascism

Who is behind the protests

Similar statements are being made by the deputies of the Gagauz People's Assembly, arguing ” general line”.

“Those who support Russia in Gagauzia are the right of the people of Gagauzia. We stand up for those who live near the warehouse of Moldova, but if the government of the republic protected the thought of the Gagauz people,” said the city’s deputy Sergiy Chimpoesh.

Gagauzis call Putin. Russia is ready to friend Pridnestrov

Sergiy Chimpoesh, a politician from Gagauzia Photo: Nokta

Okrіm deputies Chimpoєsh maє business, pov'yazaniy z RF. For the credit of the Sovereign Registration Chamber, Chimposh is the founder (0.02%) of the company IM Basarabia-Agroexport-Co SRL. Yogo business partner, with a frequent business share of 99.94%, Russian businessman Ivan Shubin.

“For more than a month, a few protests took place near Gagauzia, or, to be more precise, rallies near Comrat, Vulkanestakh, Chadir-Lunzi, Kongazi and Kirsovo. Most of these rallies were organized by Mikhailo Vlah and Vadim Anastasov. Well, accept the stink it seems like that,” write Nokta's Gagauz vision.

Gagauzi call Putin. Russia is ready for a friend of Transnistria

The organizers of the rallies near the capital of Gagauzia Mikhailo Vlakh and Vadim Anastasov Photo: Nokta

Everything else thinks children want and sing that they stand for lower prices, they really rally in support of Russia and Putin. Mikhailo Vlah at a rally near the village of Kirsovo on 21 April, stating that the Russian Empire gave the Buchak lands to the Gagauz, thus expanding the narrative, which is widely stagnant Russian propaganda.

Vlakh is a half an ally of the hungry Zborsky Gagauza that with the head of the glory for the sake of the vague television and instructions of the cortioner, and Vadim Anastasov prazui muniycynnic Comrat I є tribe (measure) Komrat Anastasov. who calls himself a “Gagauz patriot” and is one of the leaders of the Gagauz Republic, who, as it was already planned, woke up only three fates after the collapse of the Radyansk Union.

Are the rallies spread to Chisinau?< /h3>

Another one of the leaders of the protests, Yuriy Novak, announced that the rallies from Gagauzia will move near Chisinau and the first demonstration is planned for April 27 – the Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova.

the country, at the Kremlin, but they didn’t feel us there, de need – at Chisinau: parliaments, presidency, councils. There are many reactions from Sandu, Gavrilitsa, Grosu (President of Moldova Maia Sandu, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa and Speaker of the Parliament Igor Grosu, – “Commander-in-Chief”). Such a reaction that nothing is seen. Such an enemy, that everything is in power. Officials rose to the seas, and people make up their own problems,” one of the initiators of the rallies near Comrat, Yuriy Novak, wrote on his Facebook page. former President of Moldova Igor Dodon. At the same time, the wine is being arrested under home arrest at the right, at some top politician and the leader of the pro-Russian Party of Socialists, they are calling at the sovereign state.