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Gabriel Matzneff targeted by a 2nd investigation for rape on minors

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A fifty-year-old claims to have been raped by the writer from the age of 4 to 13.

Agence France-Presse

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A second investigation into rape of minors was opened in Paris against French writer Gabriel Matzneff, after new accusations from a fifty-year-old woman, the Paris court said on Thursday. The author was accused of pedophilia following revelations in 2020 by editor Vanessa Springora.

The new investigations were launched on October 23 after a letter was sent by an anonymous woman to the court, claiming that she had been raped by the writer from the age of 4 to 13 years.

The first investigation targeting Gabriel Matzneff, opened after the publication of the book The consent by Vanessa Springora, is currently being analyzed at the Paris juvenile court.

The investigations in the second investigation will focus both on the characterization and qualification of the facts and on the limitation periods, the alleged facts dating back several decades, added the court.

The lawyer of the now 86-year-old writer, Emmanuel Pierrat, did not react immediately.

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Vanessa Springora's book, “Consent”

The woman behind the second investigation accuses her adoptive father, who was a doctor, of having been complicit in drugging her before her rapes by Gabriel Matzneff, and of having raped her himself, according to his lawyer, Rodolphe Costantino.

The acts were allegedly committed in Paris, in a context of social circles and influence.

If they are a priori prescribed, she was also an eyewitness to sexual abuse, rape committed by Gabriel Matzneff on three children, also adopted by families from the same background, affirms to the AFP Me Costantino.

Her client is also concerned that children could still be in contact with Gabriel Matzneff today, in particular a minor whose father is close to the writer.

The first to testify publicly against Gabriel Matzneff, an author long celebrated by the French literary community and awarded the Renaudot essay prize in 2013, Vanessa Springora recounted in Consenttheir affair, which began when she was not even 14 years old and he was almost 50 years old.

Journalist, columnist and author Denise Bombardier, who died in July, was one of the first personalities to publicly denounce the behavior of Gabriel Matzneff, during his appearance in 1990 on the French program Apostrophes, hosted by Bernard Pivot.

Denise Bombardier on the show “Apostrophes” in 1990

The author, who has long benefited from tolerance from part of the intelligentsia and the media in France, has himself claimed to be a pedophile , recounting at length, in numerous works, his relationships with minors and his taste for sex tourism in Asia.

Since then, he has said he regrets his practices pedophiles spent in Asia, while arguing that at the time, no one ever spoke of a crime.

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