Gabriel Enrique González, the man who murdered his son in Melgar, was sentenced to 45 years in prison

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The boy's lurid case was resolved by the courts, in part because the criminal confessed, and although the sentence is very heavy, he was subjected to a slight reduction, since the authorities found no records

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Gabriel Enrique González, the man who murdered his son in Melgar, was sentenced to 45 years in prison

Gabriel Enrique González, the murderer of a child who appeared lifeless in a hotel in Melgar | Via Facebook

A little over a month ago, in the municipality of Melgar, department of Tolima, Gabriel Enrique González, 50 years old, decided to murder his 5-year-old son Gabriel Esteban to claim revenge on his ex-partner. The case that caused a lot of commotion, and that had intervention, even by the Attorney General's Office, in the end, it was resolved. A judge sent him to jail to pay a 45-year sentence for having suffocated the minor to death in a hotel room in that town.

According to the information compiled by the authorities, which is added to the testimony of Gabriel González , on the morning of Saturday, October 1, the subject picked up his firstborn at the home of his former sentimental partner, who lived in the Sierra Morena neighborhood of the town of Usme, south of Bogotá.

The murderer argued to the woman that she had permission to visit him and take him every 15 days, for which she accepted and the minor left with his father for the municipality of Melgar. The next day, Sunday, October 2, the infant's mother tried to contact him, since it was already afternoon and they still had not returned.

Given the refusal of the responses , she proceeded to send him a message, via WhatsApp, to which Gabriel González replied to find a USB memory, which he had left the day before at his place of residence. In this device was an audiovisual material, where he threatened the child.

Around dawn on Monday, the outcome of this story was revealed, as reported by the Attorney General's Office:

“At night, father and son arrived at a hotel in Melgar (Tolima) and stayed in a room on the second level. In the early hours of Monday, the defendant today wrote again to the cell phone of his former sentimental partner. He indicated that he had taken the child's life and shared a photograph that confirmed it. With daylight, after 7 a.m., the aforementioned murderer left the business establishment.”

This was the judicial development

< p class="paragraph">While Gabriel González was returning to Bogotá, the Transit and Transportation Directorate had a checkpoint near the municipality of Nilo, Cundinamarca, along the road that connects Girardot with the country's capital. According to the official story, once he noticed the agents, he tried to flee through a wooded area.

The uniformed men managed to intercept and capture him; With no chance of escaping, González offered the police 50,000 pesos to let him go. For this reason, they initially arrested and prosecuted him for the crime of bribery, an event that was prosecuted by a guarantee control judge, to which the defendant accepted.

However, this situation allowed the authorities to continue advancing with the investigation, so members of the Prosecutor's Office, the homicide brigade of the Technical Investigation Corps, among other forensic experts, found the body of the murdered minor and proceeded to carry out all the tests. to clarify the motive.

“For this action, the Prosecutor's Office presented this man before a guarantee control judge and charged him with the crime of bribery for giving and offering. The charge was accepted. (…) In response to the abundant technical and scientific evidence collected, a prosecutor from the Tolima Section charged the aforementioned aggressor with the crime of aggravated homicide.”

Gabriel Enrique Gonzélez, the man who murdered his son in Melgar, was sentenced to 45 years in prison

Gabriel González, prosecuted for the murder of his son. Taken from the Prosecutor's Office

In dialogue with RCN News, Pedro Puentes, lawyer for the victim's family, confirmed that a judge sentenced him with almost the highest sentence ever You can impute a person, for which they feel that justice was done:

“The judge dosed not the minimum, which is 500, but he put 540, almost the maximum within the legal framework. In other words, that gives us 45 years and I consider that it is a sentence adjusted to the law.”