Gabriel Boric prepares to travel to the Mapuche conflict zone and already arouses mistrust and reproaches

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The president's trip to La Araucanía, which could take place next week, sparked controversy in various sectors

Gabriel Boric is preparing to travel to the Mapuche conflict zone and is already arousing mistrust and reproaches


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Gabriel Boric is preparing to travel to the Mapuche conflict zone and already arouses mistrust and reproaches

President Boric's agenda in La Araucanía would be under total booking. REUTERS/Mike Blake/File

President Gabriel Boric decided to visit La Araucanía, an area that has been the victim of violence by radical Mapuche groups, which aroused strong criticism from various sectors.

Chilean parliamentarians and business representatives reacted to the imminent visit, which would take place in the coming weeks. The president and his bloc were widely criticized in the country for the way in which they initially addressed the problem of violence in southern Chile. This unleashed not only conflicts with the opposition that demanded greater security and a military presence in the region, but also with officials from the ruling party who hesitated to take extreme protection measures in La Araucanía.

Congressman Jorge Rathgeb stressed that he wants the president's visit not to be just protocol, “but rather that it comes with concrete announcements regarding advancing with the issue of peace in La Araucanía, what are the bills that are going to give it urgency, such as Usurpation or Intelligence, and also important resources,” he told BioBioChile.

Parliamentary Miguel Becker also expressed his opinion on the imminent arrival of Gabriel Boric in La Araucanía.

“Let it come, seeing is believing. We hope that the president is here and can be with us and share with all the instances that take place here, especially with the victims of these last 25 years in our region of La Araucanía.”

The business also reacted to Boric's possible visit, which had been planned for some time and there would already be a team of him working as an advance guard.

“We await announcements in terms of security.We believe that it is still a pending situation that the government must improve. It is not possible for attacks to occur every week against workers, businessmen, ordinary people. That does not happen in any other part of the country, therefore, we expect concrete measures in this matter,” said Patricio Santibáñez, representative of the unions in the area.


Until now, the president's agenda would be completely reserved, which has generated annoyance among the authorities.

The presidential delegate of La Araucanía, José Montalva, said that “the president has requested that we move forward with a very clear agenda that has to do with prioritizing the urgent needs of citizens.”

Alfonso Coke, mayor of Cunco, in La Araucanía, criticized the secrecy behind of this visit. “No one has called me. They say that he travels, that he does not travel. I believe that this cannot be hidden, it is the first authority in the country that has to announce itself in time to the region that it is going, with whom it is going to meet to prepare, not to do anything to it. It comes or it doesn't, then I don't know anything about this.”

In the midst of all this debate, a new attack has occurred in the southern part of Chile. A group of hooded men burned two pieces of machinery in the province of Arauco, in the Bío Bío region. The attack was attributed by the Weichan Auka Mapu group and is being investigated by Carabineros.

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